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Oversized Wooden Letters for Less Than $5!

As I bust my buns to finish part 3 of my Disney on the Cheap series, I thought I’d bring in my favorite gals from Find it Make it Love it to show you an ADORABLE, cheap, and easy project. These oversized wooden letters would look good in just about any room. At any time. Anywhere.

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7 Reasons Couponing Is a Waste of Time (+ 3 Things to Do Instead) – TheStir article!

As promised, my next article for is “7 Reasons Couponing Is a Colossal Waste of Time (And 3 Things to Do Instead)“. It went live today, so be sure to check it out! My next article is about things you should be buying second-hand, that you probably aren’t. Brace yourself, there are some doozies in

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Crib Spring Picture Frame DIY! (the ultimate up-cycle)

While I’m in Ireland, I asked my besties from Find it Make it Love it to share another ADORABLE and clever DIY project with you! This one is basically mind-blowing. Just goes to show what some simple creativity can do to repurpose something old into something fabulously unique! Let’s see how they turned this old

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DIY New Year’s time capsule! [Free printable included]

Happy Holidays, everyone! It’s Mel and Steff here from Find it, Make it, Love it. We are thrilled to stop by FCF and share a fun tradition we have for the New Year! As we all know, kids grow up fast. It’s so fun to document some of the little things they like and do from year

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DIY Advent Calendar…all you need is scrapbook paper!

Hey! It’s Mel and Steff back from Find it, Make it, Love it! We are so excited to share this super easy Christmas Advent Calendar with you today! It is seriously the easiest Christmas craft ever – no special skills required, and uses very few materials…all you really need is some cute scrapbook paper to

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Tin Can Jack-O-Lanterns: Fun Halloween Craft!

EEEEEEEK…Can you feel it? Halloween is COMING! I’ve been a bit on survival mode with Bubba being gone for several months and my being reeeeeally pregnant (only 7 weeks to go! woo hoo!) so I haven’t had two seconds to think about Halloween…until now. Don’t you worry, I plan to bring you tons of fun,

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Easy DIY No-Sew Roman Shades

As mentioned in my “4 affordable decor tricks that make a huge impact” post, I’ve been working on updating and decorating my house. (Can you tell I’m nesting??) I really want to put a roman shade up in my poor, bare kitchen…but don’t have the budget to buy one. Since it’s “Focus on Learning” month,

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DIY Water Balloon Station: Easiest way to fill water balloons. Like, ever.

I’m still recovering from a long vacation and have a busy week preparing to speak at the Bright Night event this week (hope you’re all going!). Plus, its July (already??) which is “Focus on FUN” month for our Focused in ’14 monthly challenges. Because of all these excuses factors, I’ve asked my home girls from

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DIY Chalk Paint + how to refinish furniture!

I’ve run away and am back home in Oregon for a few days, enjoying much needed time with my family. Since I’m enjoying myself way too much, I’ve asked our DIY and Crafting contributors from Find it Make it Love it to show us how to make our own DIY Chalk Paint! Trust me, it’s

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Bowtie Spinach Pasta Recipe…healthy, easy, DELICIOUS!

  I am having some serious issues with my back (if you saw on Instagram) and am drugged up in bed (not as fun as it sounds, I promise), so I enlisted the help of Stacie, our health and fitness contributor to share this incredible Bowtie Spinach Pasta recipe. Take it away, Stacie! This recipe

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DIY Disneyland Savings Jar + 5 ways kids can earn money

I’m enjoying a weekend away with the hubby for our 7th anniversary (more on that soon!) so enjoy this ADORABLE post from our DIY and Crafting contributors, Steffany and Melanie from Find it Make it Love it! Take it away girls: We’ve all heard the phrase Disneyland is the “Happiest Place on Earth” right? We

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5 tips for decorating your home (and not being afraid of it!)

Decorating and furnishing a home can be one of your largest expenses…like, ever. Trust me, I know…that’s why my 5,200 sq foot (short sale fabulous deal) of a home is virtually empty. I’m afraid to do the wrong thing, and waste my money! I’m tired of the fear so I’ve enlisted the help of our

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