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$500 Amazon gift card giveaway!

Raise your hand if you want $500!! Today we’ve collaborated with some other awesome/rad/amazing bloggers to offer you a rocking giveaway! Why? Because, we love and appreciate all of you of course! It’s Spring time – we are all in need of Easter Basket items, new swimsuits, flip flops, sunglasses. Really the list could go

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Winners Winners Chicken Dinners! Kettlebell & #FocusOnRelationships winners are…

It’s time to announce some winners! For one, the winner of the weekend Kettlebell giveaway is… Kathleen Keillor! Congrats and thanks to everyone who entered! Now, it’s time to announce the winner of the #FocusOnRelationships participation $100 giveaway. Yes, I’m way late on this one! Vacation totally threw me off and I forgot to do

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Kettlebell GIVEAWAY!

Time for a Focus on Fitness month (weekend) giveaway! As I mentioned yesterday, I was able to lose weight from working out from home. As I mentioned today, having variety and trying new things is what’s keeping me from reaching workout burnout. I have a 3-in-1 kettle bell from Empower Fitness that is GREAT to work

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Unplugging magic + HUGE mommy organization giveaway!

Do you guys remember waaaaay back when I mentioned this awesome motherhood retreat I went to with my cute SIL? Well guess what? I asked the co-founder April to speak to us today to help us wrap up Focus on Relationships month! She is going to talk about the magic that happens when we unplug

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Things to do with kids in Utah + Playdate SLC Book Giveaway!

Utah friends, I hope you are reading this! As we have been Focusing on Relationships this month, we have really tried to concentrate on doing quality activities with our kids. Let me tell you what…it’s been hard! We never know what to do with them as a family that doesn’t involve going out to eat,

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$1000 in New Mommy Essentials GIVEAWAY!

We know how hard it can be to get everything you need for a new baby. That’s why I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite blogs to put together this amazing giveaway of…ready for it?…over $1,000 worth of new mom essentials so you’ll be ready for when your little one comes. One winner will win:

4 Tips for budgeting that will actually work + Frugality Boot Camp Ticket Giveaway!

Well, it’s the 2nd week of January. Has anyone besides me completely tanked on one or more of your New Year’s Resolutions?? The good news is, this is common so you’re not alone. The bad news is, this is common so you’re not alone! Luckily if you’re following along with our Focused in 14 monthly

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