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How FITNESS and FINANCES are the same

source I have often used the anology of how diet, weight-loss, and fitness are just like budgeting, frugality, and  managing your money. In fact, that’s the ENTIRE premise of my Frugality Boot Camps! (Which, stay tuned…FBC 2014 will be announced soon!! EEEK!) I started using this analogy because for myself first, but then quickly learned that…

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Introducing…August $100 Dollar Challenge!

Happy August! As many of you know, July’s focus was on the 10-Pound Challenge I created to help kick-start my habit of healthy eating and regular exercise. Are all of you anxious to see my results?? You might be surprised. I will have the full recap for you tomorrow (update: see the full recap HERE!),…

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How to Embrace CHANGE and live a truly happy life.

source Yesterday I was watching What Not To Wear while folding clothes. I was watching only half-heartedly, distracted by my whites vs colors. Stacy and Clinton (LOVE. THEM.) were working with an ex-ballerina (Holly) who gained weight after not accomplishing her dream of becoming a professional dancer, and was having trouble accepting her new body….