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How we got out of $19,000 credit card debt in 16 months! [Reader Success Story – Jenny]

FREEBS. Today I have a Reader Success Story that will knock your SOCKS off! Today Jenny Park is going to share the story of how she attended my Frugality Boot Camp conference, then got inspired to pay off debt…and she did! Her family got out of – are you sitting down? – $19K in credit

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FREE Religious/Family Broadcast THIS WEEKEND! [General Conference]

This weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year. Why? It’s General Conference time! Twice each year (ever 6 months) a huge world-wide religious conference is broadcast, free, from here in Salt Lake City. You can go in person for free, or can watch at home (on TV or your computer) in your PJ’s while eating cinnamon

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Reader Success Story: Getting out of $23,000 in debt through 3 layoffs!

  Happy Monday! As I mentioned the other day, I’m frolicking in Ireland as we speak. To help you not miss me as much while I’m gone, I’ve got some great posts lined up for you this week. Remember how I asked y’all to share your inspirational story with us? BOY did they have me

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Newest member of The Stir family!

I’m headed to the airport for a wild and exciting Europe vacation (more on that soon!) but had to pop in to share some exciting news…I’m the new Living Frugal columnist for! I’m so honored and flattered that they asked me to be on their team. Their site is pretty addicting, not going to

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I may be cheap, but I am no cheapskate.

Believe it or not, there is a difference between being cheap, and being a cheapskate. A BIG difference, in fact. I was reminded of this recently with a Kmart shoe debacle I was caught up in. But before telling you about the debacle (a miserable, obnoxious time-wasting debacle at that), I wanted to clarify the difference

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Unplugging magic + HUGE mommy organization giveaway!

Do you guys remember waaaaay back when I mentioned this awesome motherhood retreat I went to with my cute SIL? Well guess what? I asked the co-founder April to speak to us today to help us wrap up Focus on Relationships month! She is going to talk about the magic that happens when we unplug

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Nothing Negative Challenge – let “Man in the Mirror” week begin!

Oh my word, can you believe it’s the LAST WEEK of February already? I normally would be hyperventilating that time is moving so quickly, but I’m actually getting reeeeeally excited for Focus on Fitness Month so it’s making it ok. To end Focus on Relationships month with a bang, this is “Man in the Mirror”week.

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Frozen goosebumps.

I found this last night and have contributed an embarrassing amount of views to it since. I can’t. Stop. Watching. And I get goosebumps every time. This little girl is incredible. Just see for yourself: