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The Ultimate Holiday Bucket List! + Free Printable (Christmas Break Boredom Buster!)

The holiday season – and Christmas break – is in full swing around here, and if your house is anything like mine, a bit of affordable (or free!) fun is in order! To help bring in some holiday spirit I’ve enlisted Mary (our Social Media Manager) to bring to you a list of the ultimate Fun,

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100 Fun, Cheap, or Free Summer Activities for KIDS! + Free Printable!

Summer is in full-swing around here, and if your house is anything like mine, a bit of affordable (or free!) entertainment is in order! To help bust summer boredom, I’ve elisted Mary (our Social Media Manager) to bring to you a list of some of our favorite Fun, Cheap, and even FREE summer activities to

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Finance Date Night recap + reserve tickets for the next one!

Ok guys, I have to be honest with you. I was a little nervous about our first Finance Date Night. It was not only a spur-the-moment, throw-it-together-in-3-days kind of a thing, but it’s something so different than Bubba or I have ever done before. (*ENTER uncertainty and nerves.) But Bubba and I really wanted to gather an

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Affordable, Cheap, and Free Summer Fun! [Utah]

Hello to all my new friends who saw me on Studio 5 yesterday! I was thrilled when they asked me to do a segment on how to have affordable, cheap, or free summer fun in Utah! What a perfect way to kick off June as Focus on Summer month, eh? Today I’m sharing how to

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Voted as top 6 at The Mom Conference!

Remember how I told you about the amazing FREE conference for moms online? Well, today is the last day of the conference. It’s reserved for the top 6 speakers (out of 36), voted on by Mom Conference attendees. Guess what?? I was voted as one of the top 6!! (*mouth gaping open.) I have to

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Things to do with kids in Utah + Playdate SLC Book Giveaway!

Utah friends, I hope you are reading this! As we have been Focusing on Relationships this month, we have really tried to concentrate on doing quality activities with our kids. Let me tell you what…it’s been hard! We never know what to do with them as a family that doesn’t involve going out to eat,

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FREE National Parks entrance days…including TOMORROW!

Guys, sorry I’ve been completely neglecting you. Frugality Boot Camp has officially ended, but I still have a few days of an overwhelming amount of catchup work to do before I can breathe again, so thanks for hanging in there! But I wanted to pop in quickly to tell you that you can take advantage

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