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Foodie Tuesday recipe: Leftover Pork Stir Fry

Welcome back to another Foodie Tuesday, where we feature fun/cheap/free recipes and food tips.  Last week I shared with you an easy way to make quick, cheap, and fancy pork chops. What happens if you have leftover pork chops? You throw them out, right? WRONG. Anyone close to me can attest that I am O.C.D…

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Foodie Tuesday recipe: Quick & Easy Sunday Pork Chops

Welcome to another Foodie Tuesday! Today I’m going to share a quick, easy, and gorgeous meal with you. I make this all the time, I hope you like it! A few Sundays ago I needed a QUICK “Sunday” meal. By quick I mean, went-to-church-totally-forgot-to-prepare-anything-for-dinner-come-home-starving, quick. Ever have those days? Here’s my go-to for a quick,…

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Foodie Tuesday: Kneader’s French Toast

You have not lived unless you have tried Kneaders Chunky French Toast. It is one of my favorite breakfasts. I mean, just look at this picture…doesn’t it make your mouth salivate? Now that my stomach is growling and I have a puddle of drool on my laptop, let me tell you how you can make…

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Foodie Tuesday: Perfectly Poached Chicken

I learned this tip from my mom while I was in Texas visiting my family. Perfectly Poached Chicken and Chicken Broth Normally when I poached chicken, I would put the chicken into a pot of water on the stove, turn it on and let it boil until the chicken was cooked. It made the chicken…

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$10 Dinner recipes!

These all look so yummy and amazing. Click on the link to get the full recipe, and enjoy! Photo by: MATTSBELLY Ten-Dollar Dinners Keep that budget under control with these easy-to-make meals that won’t send your bank account into a tailspin. Make More with Less popular recipes • Chicken Enchiladas I• Spaghetti Carbonara II• Spicy Rapid Roast Chicken• Five-Veggie Stir-Fry• Thirty…

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Cheap & Easy Appetizer Recipe – Yummy Roll-Ups

I found this recipe that I wanted to share. It’d be perfect for a party! It’s super easy, super cheap, and just as it sounds…yummy 🙂 Enjoy!Click HERE for recipe site Yummy Roll Ups   Rated: Submitted By: Courtney McDonald Photo By: Ljn1201 Prep Time: 10 Minutes Ready In: 10 Minutes Servings: 5 “Yummy ham, pickle and cream cheese roll…

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$4 dinner ideas!

My friend Deborah sent this to me, thought I’d share! If you stock up on these soups when they are on sale, this is a great go-to for quick and easy ideas if you need to make dinner in a crunch. Click HERE for the digital version.

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Perfect Party Punch

My husband and I love hosting parties…and we do it a lot. We average hosting about 1 big party each month, sometimes more! Parties can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. My favorite super-quick, super-cheap, and super-yummy party drink? Buy a few of the cheapest 2-liter of no-name clear sodas (like sprite or…

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$0.50 Jimmy Johns appetizer!

Have a New Years or Christmas party to go to? Need to bring something but don’t want to spend much? Here’s an awesome tip! I ate at Jimmy John’s the other day and saw that you can buy their “baked yesterday” bread for just $0.50. I ordered some, thinking it would be a slice or…