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Foodie Tuesday: Homemade Popsicles

My little guy’s favorite breakfast in the summer is popsicles. Yes, I said popsicles for breakfast! He thinks I’m such a cool mom but really it is very healthy! We make homemade smoothie popsicles with our old/left over fruit. When we have fruit that is about to go bad, I wash it, cut it and…

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Foodie Tuesday Recipe: Oh-So-Easy Cake Mix Cookies

Welcome back to Foodie Tuesday! Today’s recipe is not only ridiculously easy, but it’s foolproof and delicious. Perfection? Basically. Cake Mix Cookies Here’s what you need: 1 Cake Mix   (any kind! Devil’s Food is great, chocolate fudge, or any kind you like) 1/3C Oil 2 Eggs Optional: Mix-ins (white or chocolate chips, nuts, chopped candy…

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Amazing Deal on Coconut Oil

This is a great deal on Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil!  This is another Subscribe and Save offer.  You will end up paying $11.66 shipped for 30 oz of Coconut Oil!!For those of you that don’t know much about coconut oil here is a little info. Coconut oil is amazing for food storage because it…

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Foodie Tuesday: Easter Dinner Edition

I love Easter, it is such a fun time of year! It means Spring is here and warm weather too! It is a day of remembering and a day of traditions! What are some of your favorite Easter traditions? Of course there is the traditional Easter baskets from the Easter Bunny, Easter Egg Hunts and…


Replay Thursday! Savings tip replay: Debbie Meyer Bags

Welcome back to Replay Thursday, where we “replay” an oldie – but goodie – savings tip that you might have missed. Today’s tip replay: DEBBIE MEYER GREEN BAGS Click HERE for the original post  What the heck are Debbie Meyer Bags, you might ask? Well, my mom introduced these to me a year or two…