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Grocery Shopping

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See, it’s not just me!

My friend (and reader) Lilian texted me pictures of a successful price-matching grocery shopping trip she did last night. By using my grocery shopping method  (finding the best deals for the week at Deals To Meals then price-matching all those deals at Walmart) she got an entire week’s groceries for just $58! And no, we…

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How to make your own baby food…for pennies! Plus, how to roast butternut squash

This weekend in-between Conference I made our favorite, most delicious, easy-peasy, eat-it-and-beware-because-you’ll-dream-about-it-for-the-next-9-nights, butternut squash soup recipe. No, we don’t really like butternut squash, and yes, it’s just that good regardless. Anywho… I price-matched some butternut squash for a crazy-good deal the other day. How crazy-good you might ask? Normally $1.18/lb got them for $0.37/lb. So…

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Groceries for a steal

Happy Monday! As I mentioned in THIS post, I was in Arizona for the last week for my brother’s wedding. While it was fun to get away, it’s always hard to come back to this…. The world’s emptiest fridge. (Well, empty for us, anyway!!)   As I explained on Instagram my fridge was basically full of…