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Foodie Tuesday: Kneader’s French Toast

You have not lived unless you have tried Kneaders Chunky French Toast. It is one of my favorite breakfasts. I mean, just look at this picture…doesn’t it make your mouth salivate? Now that my stomach is growling and I have a puddle of drool on my laptop, let me tell you how you can make…

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Foodie Tuesday: Tips on Eggs

This week’s subject is the Incredible Edible Egg Eggs are one of the best whole nutrition food there is, but not all eggs are created equal. For egg facts that will blow your mind read this article from This Week for Dinner. Did you know that the eggs you buy from the grocery store are…

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Foodie Tuesday: Perfectly Poached Chicken

I learned this tip from my mom while I was in Texas visiting my family. Perfectly Poached Chicken and Chicken Broth Normally when I poached chicken, I would put the chicken into a pot of water on the stove, turn it on and let it boil until the chicken was cooked. It made the chicken…