Live Q&A with frugal living expert and blogger

Tonight we enjoyed another fabulous LIVE Q&A! (To see how these work and to see past Q&A's click HERE). I got a HUGE flood of incredible questions tonight that covered everything from how much to spend on Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, and babysitting, to paying off debt, budgeting for daycare, and how to afford having more kids…and much, much more.

Click and watch the video below (or online HERE) and scroll down to see what questions were asked/answered (as well as any helpful posts that go along with it). Enjoy!

1:49 Nicole: My question was about your envelope system. I was wondering if it just simply second nature to you now? If it is second nature, how long did it take to become second nature? Or do you still find it hard work or loose track as the month goes along?

7:01  Andrea from Facebook “Would you say you've always been Fun, Cheap, or Free savvy before you had kids, in the beginning of your marriage? Or did you come by that over the years? Was there a reason or motivation that spurred you to live by that lifestyle?”

11:01 Jennifer from Facebook “So you know the new Walmart Savings Catcher feature on the app, does that eliminate the need to price match groceries at Walmart or do it not do that great of a job? I haven't tried it yet.”

Also answered:

Hi Jordan… I love the website BUT they don't do anything in Virginia. Do you know of any websites out there that will help me get good deals on my groceries out here in good old VA??

15:18 Shawna from Facebook “Wondering how you set a budget with 2 little ones. Both in daycare and one is on formula and wears diapers? Our daycare payment is over $1400 month for the two of them. Also, how did you guys pay off your debt? Did you have a payoff schedule or just plucked them one by one.”

23:37 Alysia from Facebook “What types of things do you “splurge” on?”

To answer this more: Just FYI…I would also say that I splurge on CHEAP THINGS! It's never a matter of spending a lot for something, for me it's being able to say NO to a good deal! Haha! Our house is busting at the seams with stuff because I have a hard time saying no. #CheapskateProblems

26:47  Amanda “When you cut your spending on extras to pay off debt, what did you do for entertainment and not feel like you had nothing to do.”

30:39 Lauren “your envelope system literally saves me hundreds of dollars every month  THANK YOU. there are some things i like to buy in bulk, but when I do that i usually exceed the weekly budget. how do you suggest buying in bulk while using the envelope system?”

35:22  Bri from Facebook “My husband and I just moved to Chicago and I am now getting paid on the 16th of the month (i used to get paid on the 1st). How would you suggest creating a monthly budget for this mid-month paycheck? I was doing so well with the paycheck on the 1st – now I am struggling to tackle updating the budget with my new salary!”

40:02 Christine from Facebook “Hi! LOVE your blog. My husband and I are considering having another baby. I am currently a stay at home mom to a young boy and a girl. We are already on a really TIGHT budget, our health plan has a high deductible so adding another baby would be a huge medical expense too. Any advice for a Mom looking to grow her family? Do you notice major financial changes with each child you have?”

  • Gave my insurance guy's contact info: Marc Roethel with Life1010: 801-898-5604. Tell him Jordan sent you so he's not confused as to how you got his number, haha!

46:10  Annie from Facebook “Have you been going to yard sales this summer? Found any great finds?”

47:40 Sophie from Facebook “How long did it take your blog to REALLY gain a following? My friend and I just started a lifestyle blog and we're doing everything we can on social media and all that jazz. I'm just curious as to how long it took your blog to REALLY take off and make you so successful? We just love hearing from others with any tips or tricks! “

53:30 Natalie from Facebook “ How do you handle Christmas presents for extended family? My immediate family has grown to 17 people with marriages and kids. We have agreed to draw names this year for the first time, but my husband only has 4 other family members with his two siblings being 20 and 17 years old. Do we buy everyone in his family a gift and only whoever we draw in my family? Is it fair to not get my sisters something but his siblings are included in the Christmas budget? Btw, his family is out of state and not spending Christmas with us.

57:47 Ashley from Facebook “How much do you and Bubba spend on anniversary/bday gifts to each other?”

Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed!!