SUPER fun budgeting conference!

I don't know about you, but I'm a visual learner. Not just visual – I want someone to SHOW me – in person – how to do something…and I'll remember it forever. You could hand me a cook book with the world's simplest recipe, and I would still choose taking more time to learn from someone in person! It sticks in my brain better, I can ask clarifying questions, and most importantly, I get the recipe right the first time and can then go show someone else.

Take budgeting and finances, for example.

Sure, you can check out my blog. Or other blogs. You can Google stuff. You can even watch my videos on YouTube. But I know there are those of you who, like me, just want to get down to business. You want to sit and focus for a few hours, and get all your questions answered an get all the tools you need in one place, in an uninterrupted setting.

If that sounds like you, then you'd be CRAZY not to come to Budget Boot Camp Conference (even if you've been before!).

BBC'17 Conf is my 6th annual conference where I teach you my best fundamental money principles in fun, engaging ways, and you also get me to your disposal for several hours to ask as many questions as you can think of…FOR AS LITTLE AS $10!

It started in a conference room of my husband's office building with 20 Freebs who had emailed me, asking for one-on-one help. I decided to open my day up and we spent several hours going over the basics of budgeting.

It was so well received, I did it 6 months later in a room of 150 seats, and it's been selling out ever since.

Budget Boot Camp conference

What I've come to learn is that:

  1. Freebs are smart. And Efficient. You don't want to waste time trying to reinvent the wheel, you want to get down to the nitty gritty and do it right the first time!
  2. Freebs are fun. If there's a party, you are there! (Thus, I aim to make BBC Conf as FUN as possible…dance party included, of course.)
  3. Freebs stick together. There's strength in numbers! Doing anything on your own is much less likely to be successful. I've seen so many friendships come from BBC Conf, I've seen marriages strengthened, and I've seen some SERIOUS successes come from banding together as a team!

This year we are doing BBC Conf a little different.

This year is all about options! Whether you're in Utah, outside of Utah, or even if you've gone to BBC Conf before or are part of my online budgeting program, we have options for you!

Here's how it will all work…

Budget Boot Camp 2016 - Utah Conference Recap! See all the details


January 14, 2017. In year's past we had the conference be all day. We found this to be extremely challenging for Freebs with travel, kids, getting work off, etc. Last year we made it a mini half-day conference and it was PERFECT! This year we are doing the same…but offering TWO session options! Keep reading for info.


Mountain America Credit Union building in West Jordan, UT. It's basically the prettiest building ever.


Why not? 😉

Because we could all use a little help with our finances and budgeting, especially this time of year. Because it's fun! Because it's easier than you think. AND, for those who are on the fence with wanting to buy my Budget Boot Camp online program, it's a good “try before you buy” option because I will be teaching some of the principles from that program. If you decide to buy Budget Boot Camp program while at the conference, I'll apply what you paid for your ticket toward the program…because we're tight like that.


As mentioned above, this year we are offering TWO options! BBC Conf is technically designed for beginners; Freeb newbies who have never been to a class or conference of mine, and who have never done my Budget Boot Camp program before. However, due to popular request, we've decided to offer an advanced BBC'17 session for those who are ready for the next step!

Here's the breakdown:

STANDARD SESSION : Jan 14, 1pm – 5pm

SUPER fun budgeting conference!

Come to theStandard Session if:

  • You have never been to a BBC Conf before
  • You have not signed up for my Budget Boot Camp budgeting program
  • You've been following me for a while and know some of my stuff, but haven't mastered budgeting or finances.
  • Have been to a class of mine that was maybe an hour long and only covered a few principles.
  • You have never heard of me before but heard there's a party and want to come. Party on, rock star.

What the Standard Session will cover:

  • Whatever other topics YOU want to cover! Topics are based on vote of those attending, so you get to choose! In years' past the popular topics have included:
  • The simplest budgeting technique ever
  • Money and budgeting fundamentals
  • The 7 bank accounts every family should have
  • How to talk about money without fighting
  • Getting out of debt, debt fundamentals and basics
  • How much to pay for groceries, and how to cut your grocery bill in half WITHOUT coupons
  • And more!

ADVANCED SESSION : Jan 14, 9am – 12pm

SUPER fun budgeting conference!

You may come to the Advanced Session if:

  • You have been to at least one BBC Conf before
  • You are currently enrolled in my Budget Boot Camp budgeting program
  • If you are a FCF Super-fan and have watched all the videos, read all the posts, and could quote all my fundamentals by heart! (…and I love you for it ;)…)

What the Advanced Session will cover:

  • This session is mostly Q&A style. We will cover whatever topics YOU want to cover! I want to spend the majority of the time helping you with your personal financial situations and answer the questions that you have lingering from past BBC Conf's, or Budget Boot Camp program. In addition, Bubba and I will be there to introduce more “Phase 2” principles including:
  • Investing 101
  • Retirement basics
  • “Phase 2 finances” – spending wisely, saving up for large purchases, planning ahead for college/weddings/large expenses
  • Teaching your kids financial responsibility and how to manage money
  • And more!

Note: Please be mindful that this is an advanced option. If you haven't been to BBC Conf before, or aren't signed up for my budgeting program, this most likely WILL NOT WORK for you (and you will probably walk away unhappy and confused!). My number 1 priority is to make sure you have an effective, helpful experience! Sure, maybe the topics in the Advanced Session are interesting to you. Don't worry, you'll get there! But you must conquer the basics FIRST, then come back to the Advanced Session next year!

Budget Boot Camp 2016 - Utah Conference Recap! See all the details


We have sold out every year, and it sells out quicker and quicker each time. PLEASE don't hesitate!

What if…


Great! Come on over! We've had lots of singles and the principles have worked for them too!


I would start with the Standard Session then, then bump to the advanced one next year.


Sorry the time isn't ideal! Here's the thing. I'll let you make the ultimate decision. BUT…just remember that if you go to the Standard Session and you've been before, it might not feel effective. Likewise, if you haven't been to a BBC Conf in the past and go to Advanced Session, you might be confused.

Budget Boot Camp 2016 - Utah Conference Recap! See all the details

Now, let's talk pricing!

Seeing as how this is a budgeting conference, it's important to make it as affordable as possible! Thanks to Mountain America Credit Union and their awesome building, here are our affordable conference prices:

    • Bring your spouse* for only $10 more! (2 for $49.99)
    • Bring your spouse * for only $10 more! (2 for $39.99)

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Buy your ticket in the first 48 hours and get them for $15 off! Register HERE!

That makes the pricing:

    • Bring your spouse* for only $10 more! (2 for $34.99)
    • Bring your spouse * for only $10 more! (2 for $39.99)

Please don't miss this discount! Every dollar counts and $15 isn't anything to sneeze at. 😉


Additional details:

  • No children please! Nursing babies only are allowed due to limited space and the nature of the conference.
  • Lunch/meals will NOT be served. Please eat lunch before coming, there are many food options in the area. You are more than welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks.
  • No refunds after Tuesday January 10.
  • *Spouse ticket bundle: Limit 1. Must be married or in a committed relationship. Will be verified. No exchanging spouse tickets to friends or other family members.

Want the goods without the conference? Skip right to my Budget Boot Camp online budgeting program and get over 16 hours of my best knowledge for just $149! (And use the code FCFBLOG for an additional 10% off, because I love you. MUAH!)

Excited to see you soon!

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