Can you believe that after all this time we have an update on the Bomb Shelter nursing cover?! So many of you have asked about it over the years. Guess what!?! It's made a comeback and it's better than ever!

The Bomb Shelter Nursing Cover from Fun Cheap or Free

The new and improved Bomb Shelter is HERE… we've worked soooo hard to make sure that it is the best nursing cover out there! And you can find it under my new baby brand, Mory June! Sign up for our newsletter at to stay in the loop on sales and new releases.

Let me tell you, this is NOT your average nursing cover. I've had enough experience nursing babies in public! I know just how tricky it can be. Nothing I found had enough coverage, so I decided to create my own! The Bomb Shelter nursing cover has been in the works for Y E A R S. No joke.

This nursing cover has quite the backstory! But here it is in a nutshell:


Way back in 2011, I hacked together a nursing cover from scratch, it wasn't pretty (you all know how crafty I am…), but it got the job done! I used it for my first 3 babies until 2014, when I actually went through the process of manufacturing and brought a few oh-so-amazing nursing covers to market! It was CRaZy ExCiTinG, but definitely left me working to figure out a better way to get these nursing covers available to ALL mamas, everywhere.

It took a while, but by golly, we've done it! The Bomb Shelter is back! We've gotten loads of questions about it over the years, so we know you're excited about this, too. This nursing cover allows you to comfortably feed baby. It is 100% peek-proof! We're talking full-coverage, ladies! You're welcome.

Let's take a closer look!


Okay. So what makes this the best nursing cover ever, you ask! While many people out there feel comfortable nursing out in the open (more power to ya), I like full-coverage when breastfeeding.

Of all the nursing covers I tried, none of them gave me the coverage I wanted. My kids are wiggly nursers and would pull down, pull up, or kick open the cover. It never went wide enough on the sides and I felt like I was flashing side-boob, bare-back, or love-handles to the world. (TMI sorry, but true.)

First, you can easily slip your arms in and out of the nursing cover without having to worry about who might see what! Now you can nurse anywhere – on airplanes, in the middle of the park, children's museum, at the restaurant table at dinner, and even in drive-throughs.

The elastic neckline stays snug for privacy while allowing you to discreetly check in on your little one during feeding.

Check out the bomb shelter nursing cover from Mory June!

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