Bomb Shelter Baby Nursing Cover

Can you believe that after all this time we have an update on the Bomb Shelter nursing cover?! So many of you have asked about it over the years, and it's about to make a comeback.

Coming soon - full coverage nursing cover designed by Jordan Page from Fun Cheap or Free

The new and improved Bomb Shelter is still in the works… but it will be released in the coming months under my new baby brand, Mory June! Sign up for our newsletter at to stay in the loop about its release.

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The Moses Bag from Mory June - My invention!!! Fun Cheap or Free

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  1. AvatarMeghan says

    LOVE this cover! It really is the bomb:) I could never get really good at the other normal nursing covers so when not at home I would nurse in my car-blah-or yes I’ve nursed even in the bathroom sometimes:( …. But NOT anymore- this cover is wonderful- full coverage for someone who has a wiggly baby, isn’t the most coordinated and just doesn’t want others to see things even though breastfeeding is natural and normal-recommend it to anyone!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Oh my gosh I’m glad you love it so much!! Can we feature you on IG? If you have a picture of you using the cover, or a picture of you and your baby, I’d love to feature it! If not, I can just use your quote with a product picture from our own archives. Let me know what you think and feel free to email the pic to [email protected]!

  2. AvatarShelly says

    I just went to buy the nursing cover and instead of coming up as $17.50, it is taking a discount off of $17.50 and costs $22.49.

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Yes sorry! It’s $5 shipping and there is no way around it. Trust me, I’ve tried 🙁 The fabric is so heavy because it’s so durable.

      • AvatarShelly says

        No worries… I don’t mind paying the shipping. I totally just had a mommy brain moment and did not notice that it had already been added in. I am super excited about the cover. I got it today and love it already!

  3. AvatarTaralyn says

    How big is this cover? It looks awesome and I would love to get it. I looked at the website and it doesn’t say anything about size, so it looks like a one size fits all, but I am a bit larger then most women and a lot of one size fits all doesn’t fit me. Any more info you can give me?

  4. AvatarJeanette says

    I’m curious if you are planning on any other patterns in the future. I love the design, but I’m not totally sold because of the color.

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Yes!! We are in the process of designing the second batch which will have print and color options, and will be in a new fabric. It will be several months before that batch is finished, we are working to have them available for the holidays.

  5. AvatarKimille says

    I know this is like 4 years later, but is this nursing cover ever going to be sold again? I just came across your YouTube video on it and want one so bad!!

  6. AvatarMihaela says

    Hi there!!! How can I order this wonderful nursing cover?! I’m absolutely desperate to get one!!! I traveled to US all the way from Dubai and one of the main things on my to do list was to order this nursing cover :)) please help thx

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Hey there! Unfortunately these are no longer available. But keep checking back to see if anything else comes available in the future!

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