Best of 2014…Thanks for a great year!

Best of 2014 year in review from

2014 Was a wild ride, wasn't it? It truly was a great year! In looking back on the best of 2014 I thought I'd share a few of MY favorite moments, memories, and favorites with you, as well as YOUR favorite posts to read from the year!

My top 10 favorites from 2014:

  • 1. Having a successful 3rd annual Frugality Boot Camp, and having fun expanding it by planning MECCA with Melea this year!

frugality boot camp

  • 2. Going on a cruise with my cute family. It was our first time cruising with our kids, and it was SO NICE getting away from Utah winter for a while.

How to cruise with kids

  • 3. Turning 28! Totally random age with absolutely no notable milestones…but I'm still alive and well so I guess that's something to celebrate, right??

jordan celebrate

  • 4. Speaking at Blogher'14, Bright Night, Pinner's Conference, and many other awesome speaking engagements throughout the year. Pssst…did you know that I love speaking to large AND small groups? It's true! Shameless plug, but get info on all of it HERE.


  • 5. Finding out we were pregnant with #4, learning it was a girl (YAAAY), and not getting morning sick the ENTIRE PREGNANCY! (literal miracle.)


How to survive as a single parent (whether for a day or for real). From

Finance Date Night (UT) - includes a fancy 3-course dinner and one-on-one help with finances and managing money! SO FUN! From

  • 8. Watching the final season of Parenthood. I cry a little every day at the thought of the best show on TV going away. So I've been soaking up as many quiet moments and creating as many fond memories with it as possible.


  • 9. Signing a BOOK DEAL!!!! It's a goal I've had my entire life, and I can't wait for it to come to fruition. Thanks for your help and opinions, and get excited to see it come to print January 2016!
I understand this pic of me and Bubba has nothing to do with signing a book deal. But it makes me laugh so I'm putting it in here anyway :)

I understand this pic of me and Bubba has nothing to do with signing a book deal. But it makes me laugh so I'm putting it in here anyway 🙂

  • 10. Inventing, designing, producing, and FINALLY getting my Bomb Shelter Covers! They are FLYING off the shelves, I can't thank you guys enough for your support. It's such an exciting project for me, and one that I was super nervous about initially, but ultimately a project that I'm really proud of and very glad I moved forward with.
Full-coverage nursing cover!

Pssst…use the code FUNCHEAP to get $15 off because I love you 🙂

And finishing off the year in review with #11 (yes, I cheated and added an extra)…

  • 11. Welcoming sweet Daivy Kaye to the family and enjoying the holidays with such a precious little soul…and surviving full-blown batches of the flu and colds that shot through all of us all the while. #RealLife

Daivy Kaye

Random thought, but if any of you are curious about what goes on in the Page Household feel free to follow my personal account on Instagram.

I hope you all had as great of a year as I did!

Here are your top 10 favorites from the blog this year:

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Thanks for a great year, can't wait to see what 2015 brings!


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