Bubba and I (and the kids) pulled off an epic sub-for-santa this year. I took pictures and keep reciting in my head exactly how I want to blog/tell you all about it…but I can't. We chose to do it anonymously and the problem with blogging is…you just never know who is reading! It's killing me. I'm crumbling inside. Someone help me!

To get my mind off of what I CAN'T tell you, I'm going to relay something my family did in secret years ago that I CAN tell you about…my best Christmas ever.

Now, if any of you were stalwart enough to make it to the end of the “How much to spend on your kids for Christmas” post series, you read this story already. For the rest of you, please enjoy and try to find time to do something special for someone else this Christmas.

gift box

The most poignant Christmas I ever had as a child is the one where I was in Middle School. My family all went shopping together and filled a huge moving box full of clothes, food, and gifts for a family in our small town. The interesting thing is that the family we were shopping for had kids who were the same age as my brother and I, so it really hit close to home as we were shopping.

We were giddy for days leading up to the oh-so-important doorbell ditch mission. Finally the night came. We loaded the box onto the bed of our truck late one night, turned off the truck lights, and drove down their street at a snail's pace. My brothers and I quietly hopped off the back of the truck and loaded the cardboard box of goods into our arms. It took all 3 of us to carry it. We snuck quietly to the door, carefully set the box on the doorstep, hearts pounding. We made our oldest brother ring the doorbell because we were all afraid to do it.

Ding dong!

We ran like maniacs, jumped back into the bed of the truck signaling to my parents in the cab, “Drive! Go! Move move move!”. We sped off into the darkness, so excited about what we had accomplished.

I remember seeing kids from that family at school, and always feeling a little jolt in my heart (and trying to hide a sneaky smile on my face), feeling so good that we anonymously helped someone in need…and pulling it off with McGiver-like execution.

That same Christmas our poor garbage truck driver had to do his round on Christmas morning. When he pulled up to our house to empty our garbage bins, my dad had us sprint out in the snow and hand him $100 and a huge box of chocolates that someone gave our family (one of a bazillion). He choked up as he took the money. I later found out that he was the father of someone I went to high school with.

It was the greatest Christmas of my life, I can remember it with intense recollection- even to this day. But no, in case you’re curious, I don’t remember a single gift I got for Christmas that year.

I urge you all to do something brave for someone else this Christmas. As small and insignificant as it may seem to you, it very well could be life-changing for someone else.

Let this video help inspire you like it inspired me:

Merriness and Peace!


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