I was recently interviewed and featured on SheKnows, a huge site that is FULL of amazing “good to know” stuff! They asked me to write up why/how my blog got started, and 5 key tips. At first I thought to myself, “5 random tips? How will I ever narrow that down?” and then it hit me…S.P.R.K.L.

S.P.R.K.L Is a simple acronym I came up with to help you keep track of the 5 steps to getting your finances “in shape”. It's the main foundation I teach at Frugality Boot Camp (FBC).  It was hard to summarize it into a few paragraphs, because frankly, we spend all day on it at FBC and still barely scratch the surface! I have never featured it on the blog for that exact reason, but figured it was finally time!

I chose “sparkle” for a reason. Think of The Little Mermaid. She works hard to pursue her dream, goes through major changes in her life, and literally sparkles in the end.



When you work hard and accomplish things, you life just begins to sparkle…YOU begin to sparkle. You be come happier. More content. Gain more confidence. You just glow.

So here is an excerpt from my SheKnows feature that introduces S.P.R.K.L, and expect much more to come on it soon!

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“We spoke with Jordan about her five easy ways to become financially fit. This is what she calls S.P.R.K.L.

Step 1: S: Stand on the scale

With weight loss, you need to know your weight before you can know how much weight you need to lose. It's the same with finances! You must face the cold, hard facts before moving forward. You have to figure out what you're spending each month and figure out if that number is in a safe zone for your family. Jordan recommends putting at least 10 percent of your income into savings and paying off debt, so your spending should be — at the most — less than 90 percent of what you make.

Step 2: P: Make a plan

Now that you know how much “weight” you need to lose (aka how much less money you need to be spending each month), sit down and make a plan! And yes, that does mean a budget. But just like an athlete has a training schedule, or someone losing weight has a fitness plan, we must have a plan for our finances to ensure they're on the right track to financial fitness. Jordan suggests asking yourself how much you need to cut each month to reach your financial fitness goals, whether it's paying off debt, building up savings or spending less than you make. Write down how much and for how long. Then decide where that money is going to go instead, and write that down, too.

Step 3: R: Go to the ranch

In The Biggest Loser, contestants go to “the ranch” where they work out six to eight hours per day, cut out any food that actually tastes good, endure the wrath of Jillian Michaels and do anything and everything else to lose as much weight as they can, as quickly as possible. Doesn't sound very fun, does it? But when you think about it, it's not forever. In fact, it's just a few months. And the results are a life of abundance and happiness. “Decide what your ‘junk food is — manicures, eating out, cable TV, designer brands, Starbucks — and cut. It. Out,” says Jordan. “Whether you have 500 or five ‘pounds' to lose, it's necessary all the same. It's about committing, gritting your teeth and jumping in head-first. Remember: It's not forever.”

Step 4: K: Keep the weight off

Ahh, your time is done at the ranch. You've cut out all the excess in your life, got your spending down quickly and dramatically, and now have your debt paid off and maybe even some cushion in the bank. You're in the habit of “counting your calories” (watching your spending and staying within a budget), Now it's time to learn to eat again. Just like someone coming off an intense diet, you don't want to go back to your old ways of eating. Jordan explains, “You can enjoy your favorites again, but in moderation and with patience. Go shopping! But wait for the sales and buy off-season. Go on vacation! But shop for the best deals or go on a road trip instead. Eat out! But not every day and search for a coupon online before deciding on a restaurant. You can do it all and still remain financially fit.

Step 5: L: Learn to love the journey

The only difference between fear and excitement is your attitude. Don't be afraid of the process, be excited about the journey. Your attitude and commitment will make all the difference in this process. Jordan says, “Look forward to living an abundant life. Be excited about teaching your kids lessons that will benefit them. Enjoy the ride. But most of all, enjoy how good it feels to live financially fit.”


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