My beauty faves for the holidays! From

Freebs, this is my last post in the #FindYourHealthy series I've been doing with CVS! I've loved working with them and hope you have found some value in these posts. Again, brands like CVS are how I'm able to continue to deliver free content to y'all. Did you know it costs me upwards of $1000/mo (sometimes more!) to run this blog? No joke.

That being said, today I'm focusing on a fun (to me) topic today…

Beauty Faves for the Holidays!

Here are a few of some of my favorite affordable beauty tricks for the Holidays! They will help give you that polished, glowing look, without much effort or money (of course). First up…

Coconut Oil

As mentioned in my “pregnancy must-haves” post, I use coconut oil for everything! Not only is it great for hair treatments, try skin and lips, and even as a natural makeup remover, but it also makes a KILLER 4-ingredient homemade sugar scrub…which not only doubles as a skin revitalizer, but as a gorgeous Holiday gift as well!

4 ingredient DIY lemon sugar scrub. So easy, so good - perfect gift idea! From

Add different flavors and even coloring to customize it for the Holidays. Peppermint, anyone?!

False Lashes!!!!!!!!

My beauty faves for the holidays! From

This one gets jazz hands!! You all know I love me a good, cheap strip eyelash set. The Ardelle Wispies are recommended, but frankly, I'm not that picky about the actual lashes as long as you have Duo glue. It's the best. If you look at the lashes and think they look thick and waxy and fake, they will look that way on your face. So feel free to go with long and dramatic ones, but the more hair-like they look, the better.My beauty faves for the holidays! From

Truthfully, I still feel bad for people who waste so much money on eyelash extensions. The 60 seconds it takes me to put them on definitely doesn't bother me since I only pay $2 or less per pair of lashes (and can wear them 10+ times each). Here's proof that it's so easy:

And here's how I used lashes to get glammed up in a rush recently on Periscope:

Tinted Lip Gloss

My beauty faves for the holidays! From

I've never been a big lipstick gal. I say it's because I wear lots of eyeshadow and it makes me look like I got shot with a makeup gun. But really, it's because if I try to rock bright red lips at a Holiday party, it's bound to end up all over my face by night's end. Smeared with my napkin, hand, appetizer, I don't even know…but it's bound to happen! I prefer tinted gloss. It gives me a polished Holiday look without committing to a wardrobe malfunction on my face.

Lip gloss

As for color and type, I am not picky at ALL. Many of you know my current favorite is one I snagged at the Dollar Store. I do NOT believe you need a name brand, nor have to pay a lot for lip gloss for it to look good. I love this multi-pack that CVS has because it allows you to mix and match colors affordably.

CUTE nails!

My beauty faves for the holidays! From

Ps please ignore the dry, cracky hands. Clearly need some coconut oil!

I've been asked about my nails SO MANY TIMES. I've started “investing” in Jamberry nail wraps since polish chips so quickly for me. I was hesistant to buy them at first because it's $15 for a sheet…then I realized you get several manis or pedis from one sheet, so it ends up being only a few dollars per set! Top it with some serious top coat polish, and they last forever. I had mine on for 1 month before I finally peeled them off.

I don't sell Jamberry, I am not part of their company. But my friend Alisha is. She said you can buy from her at and be sure to select the FunCheapOrFree “party” at checkout (you have to select a party in order to buy). They had a “buy 3 get 1 free” sale last I checked, so hurry before that's gone!

Teeth Whitening Strips

My beauty faves for the holidays! From

FREEBS! If you do not use these, you are CRAZY! I bought a huge box and it's lasted me forever, because once you get your teeth white you just need a little strip here and there for touch-ups. If you are taking the time to get glammed up for the Holidays, for Heaven's sakes make your teeth sparkle too! Frugal tip? The store-brand strips work just as well as the name-brand ones. You're welcome.

Face Cleansing Cloths

winter beauty must-haves!

I'm pretty religious about washing my makeup off at night. But let's be honest, after a long day of cooking, and a long night of partying with friends and family, those nights of falling into bed with a full face of makeup on are bound to happen. DON'T LET IT! It's so bad for your skin! These face cleansing cloths are great to have on-hand. If anything, just wipe down your face with these before you fall into bed. Your skin will thank you. They also come in handy on road trips, if you plan to travel for the holidays!

Ps…watch for coupons!

CVS always has great coupons and deals so USE THEM!! Sign up for their email list and keep your eyes peeled for banners like these on their website:

CVS coupon code

Check their coupons section for even better savings.

So there you go! Check out my YouTube channel to see how I do my quick and easy makeup, and I hope you enjoy looking and feeling beautiful for the Holidays this year.

What are your Holiday beauty faves this year? Leave a comment and share!








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