Budget Boot Camp Conference

Wow, Freebs, I have a huge apology to make! This year's Budget Boot Camp Conference (BBC'17) brought to you by Mountain America Credit Union and myself, was WEEKS ago! I've been meaning to recap it for you for some time but got swept up with other things. Have no fear, it's time to share the loooovvveeee!!

First – an explanation of what BBC Conf is. You probably know by now that I created my own online budgeting program, BudgetBootCamp.com. It's 27 extremely comprehensive videos that walks you through EVERY SINGLE STEP of setting goals, budgeting, getting out of debt shopping at Target and Costco without losing your paycheck, how to make more money, and more! (Psssst use the code FCFBLOG to get 10% off the program.) BBC Conf is a great partner to this program. We cover our best principles, but most importantly, gives you a chance to have me (and Bubba!) at your disposal for a few hours. We teach our best tips and tricks, answer questions, and help you work through your personal financial questions.

You walk away motivated, inspired, educated, and ready to whip your wallet into shape!

I feel it important to share these events with you is so you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Every year we pack the house with people – just like YOU! – who have the same questions, same insecurities with budgeting, same marital disagreements, all of it!


Events like this are a great way to kickstart a solid financial game plan, while maybe making some new friends AND having fun in the process!

Convinced of BBC's awesomeness yet?? Thought so. Here's further proof…

Check out how great it was this year (and get yourself excited for next year!) by watching this quick recap video to get a feel for the fun:

Now, on to the REAL meat of why BBC'17 was a success this year…


First off, I have to give a HUGE thanks again to Mountain America Credit Union. They are the only bank/credit union I personally partner with on events. Hey, I'm picky! I love how they treat their members, I love their perks and benefits, and the fact that they let us completely overrun their facility to hold BBC'17 is beyond generous!

Seriously, take some time to look at what MACU has to offer. They have great FREE program for their users that gives Mint.com (whom I now hate, long story…) a run for their money. Their interface takes ALL your bank accounts, at any bank or credit union, all your cards, loans, and debts, and puts them into one awesome dashboard that makes managing everything a breeze!

No, really. It's awesome.

Budget Boot Camp Conference

If you need any help with planning for the future, you can go to https://www.macu.com/retirement for more info and to set up an appointment with one of their retirement experts. This is great for those that are in “phase 2” of your finances.

Now, here's a look at what you can expect at BBC Conf…

This year, for the first time ever, we offered an Advanced Session for current BudgetBootCamp.com users, and/or people who have been to a conference before.

It was a small group on in-person attendees,

with a big group streaming live online (also done for the first time!).

The Advanced Session covered what we call “Phase Two Finances”. Not so much hard-core budgeting and getting out of debt, but more-so what to do when those financial goals are achieved. We cover saving for retirement and college, investing, planning ahead for large purchases, entrepreneurship, and more.


After lunch, we held our Standard Session for everyone else!

Mountain America Credit Union taught us about their programs and how we can use them to prepare for the future, save money, and manage our accounts and finances better. Again, check out what they have to offer! I CHOSE to partner with them for a reason!

The rest of the day was spent learning, chatting, laughing, and bonding!

And of course, what would a Freebs event be without a DANCE PARTY and GIVEAWAYS??

Our annual tradition is to have a dance-off where I give away several hundred dollars of my own cashola. It's always the highlight of the day for everyone…but mostly me!

Budget Boot Camp Conference

Budget Boot Camp Conference

Budget Boot Camp Conference

Here are the amazing things we gave away this year…

Lily-Jade gave away a $350 diaper bag!! Check out this post on my diaper bag, LOVE THEM and you'll see why this was the coveted giveaway by many.

We all know how much I love me some Swig! They gave away a refillable mug, a gift card, and a kit to make your very own Swig Cookies at home!

I seriously love the PMD tool. It is an at home Personal Microderm tool that I talked about on a Facebook Live about my skin care routine. They were amazing and provided 3 PMD to giveaway!


NoVae Clothing, an awesome shop filled with modest clothing,  gave away the cutest outfit! Nothing like an awesome knit cap, tunic, and leggings to keep you cozy in this cold weather.


Sassy Steals is an awesome Daily Boutique Deals site. Be sure to check them out! They provided several $50 gift cards!


Thanks again to everyone who came, and for all the fabulous partners who made this conference possible!

Want to come next year? Um….yes. Yes you do.

We'd love to have you!

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Until then!