BBC’17 In-Person Ticket GIVEAWAY!


I am super busy getting ready for BBC Conf '17 that I'm throwing this weekend, thanks to Mountain America Credit Union and their AMAZING facility and staff. This is my 6th conference (can you believe it??) and I'm pretty sure they get better every time. I'm not only excited to see everyone who bought an in-person ticket, but I'm stoked to have VIRTUAL attendees for the first time!

Sadly, this is a “last-call” reminder to everyone else that this is your LAST CHANCE to snag a ticket, ticket sales end FRIDAY and we are extremely close to selling out.


Seeing as how I'm Jordan and this is my party…I can do what I want. Muahahaha….

I've set aside some in-person tickets to GIVE AWAY to some lucky Freebs who want to party with me!

Whether you are wanting to attend but can't afford it, or if you're being super good because you are doing the spending freeze and forgot to purchase beforehand, it's your lucky day! I'm giving away not just one, but TWO tickets to some lucky Freebs, so you can bring your spouse (or a guest) along with you!

Already bought a ticket?

No problem! If you win, we'll refund your ticket price and it'll be your EXTRA lucky day! For this reason, please don't hesitate. If you want to come, buy a ticket before they are all sold out, and enter the giveaway as a fun back-up plan perk.

Entering is so easy, just complete the form below!

Winners will get two tickets – one for you, and one for a spouse. If your spouse cannot attend you can bring a guest. The tickets are good for a seat in our Standard conference session, from 1pm – 5pm on Saturday Jan 14. If you have already attended a BBC Conf or are already actively a member of my Budget Boot Camp online program, you can exchange your ticket for an Advanced Session ticket from 9am – 12pm, also on Jan 14. See more details about the conference on our event page.

Again, huge thank you again to Mountain America Credit Union for making all of this possible!

Enter using the form below, and best of luck!

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Ps If you didn't know that Freebs were doing a spending freeze this week check out the Focused in 17 free program we are are doing. This month is Focus on Finances month. Every month is a Focus topic with a free printable calendar and weekly challenges to help keep you focused.



  1. AvatarShelby H. says

    Has a winner been chosen? I’ve been grabbing all the good vibes I can get all day hoping I’ll win! (Mostly because I just want to meet you in person ??!)

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