For today's Super Savvy Saturday project I thought I'd show you how baby girl's yellow, gray, and white room is coming along! 
I'm getting induced in 16 days (not that anyone is counting…) so I have been crafting like CRAZY. 
(Which is SO not like me, just for the record. 
These nesting instincts are nutso.)
There have been two main challenges with baby girl coming:
  1. We might be moving in the next few months (cross your fingers for me) so I haven't been doing anything permanent to her room; I've been working on crafts that I can take with me and that will fit in any size space.
  2. We only have 2 bedrooms right now, so she and my 18 month old son will be sharing a room. How in the world to you decorate for a baby girl without making my son's room super duper girly?? Challenge accepted.

But I think I'm on the right track! 
Here's my first project I'll show you:

Giant Rosette Wall Letter

Cute, right?!
P.S…NO we aren't announcing a baby name or anything. Our last name is Page so we know at least one of her initials will be P!
I decided to go with yellow, gray, white, and various blue accents for her room decor. That way A) it won't be ultra girly in my son's room for the time being, and B) It can still work if the next baby is a boy and I want to keep some of the same decor in the nursery.
You can obviously use any colors you'd like. I started off with a few key items purchased at Joanne Fabrics with coupons. 
***REMEMBER: they use competitor's coupons! So print out Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Hancock Fabric coupons (coupons found HERE) when you go and use as many as you can!
I got 1/2 yd (each color) of cheap solid colored fabric, 
and this OH SO COOL giant letter. 
The letters were about $10 each so I waited for them to go on sale, then used an additional coupon. I ended up getting it for 1/2 price I believe.
Next, simply cut circles in your fabric. LOTS of circles. Fold your fabric so you get multiple circles with one cut. NOTE: You need STRONG scissors and lots of time! Put on a good movie 🙂
By the way…if you haven't noticed, this is the same process I used when making THIS wreath.
I used a small cup for my circles. You DON'T have to be perfect, so no stressing! 

 I started out with three decent sized stacks. I didn't want leftover circles so I preferred to cut small stacks as I went, rather than cutting up all of my fabric at once.

Once you have your circles, start gluing!
Take a circle and fold it in half,

Then half again.

I strategically smushed it in my fingers to get the shape I wanted,

Put a big dab of hot glue on your letter, hold the smushed circle in the glue until it sticks, and repeat. Again. and again. and again. 

I did 2-3 whites for every 1 gray and 1 yellow, but you could obviously do whatever you want. Doing just one color would look really clean and classy, too!

It slowly starts coming together…

…and before you know it, you've got a finished product!!

Here's a tip:
Work on it when you can and don't expect to get it done in one shot.
This project really does take forever, so I kept my glue gun, extra glue sticks, fabric, scissors, cup, and a pen in a little basket. I kept it by my couch for about a week and worked on it here and there when I could. It was finished in my spare time and wasn't an overwhelming project. I even took my basket with me when I went to babysit my friend's son one night!

I think it turned out great, and I was so excited to hang it on her wall!
(P.S…don't you love the bedding? I made that too! I'll show you how soon.)
Pretty simple, eh?
I had a few yellow circles leftover so I cut them smaller and made a few rosette hair bows for her while I was at it.

I used the same smushing and gluing technique, but glued it to a little circle of felt. I glued an alligator clip to the bottom, added some ribbon, and there you go! Here are other hair bows you can make.
You can also cut circles of felt, glue them together, and glue them to an alligator clip to make these:

So that's it!
I have lots more to show you, I can't wait! Until then…