For today's Super Savvy Saturday project I thought I would show you another project I've been working on for baby girl's room. Only 9 days until I'm induced! AHHH!
I only have two bedrooms in my little town home right now, so the plan is to keep the baby in our room for a few months and then move her into my 18 month old son's room. I've been working on decorating the two spaces as much as possible with her yellow, gray, white and hints of blue theme…without making our house a baby-girl TAKEOVER!
Here is something that I thought turned out pretty cute:
DIY Scrapbook Paper Baby Mobile
I have a changing table set up in my bedroom and thought it would be fun to make something “baby-ish” for that little corner of our room. I had some leftover scrapbook paper (from a different project I'll show you soon!) so I got creative!
(Look at me, right?!)

Here's how I did it:

I took my scrap paper and used my trusty hole punch to make a bunch of circles.
I got this hole punch from Joanne Fabrics, using a coupon (remember, they take competitor's coupons!). It's a life saver, let me tell you! Be warned though…they are expensive :S
I laid them out in the pattern I wanted, 
…and started sewing!
Yes, I'm using the same method I used for the polka dot garland I made for a baby shower.
Just sew through the middle of the circles, just like you would fabric. I left a little space between but tried to keep them as evenly spaced as possible. I didn't love how my polka dot garland turned out; I had too many gaps. I tried to eyeball it better this time.

My next task was to find a ring to hang them from. I couldn't come up with anything in my house, so I hit the Dollar Store. They had nothing! I only found floral wire.

So…I went to a thrift store and found this beauty for $1:
Your guess is as good as mine as to what the heck it is…
 The good thing is it had 3 different sized white rings on it. Perfecto!
(I wish I had an idea of what you could use in your own home…I'm stumped on this one! Any ideas?)
I picked up some gray ribbon from the Dollar Store while I was there.
I cut the biggest ring from the weird little frog thing and glued my strands to it. 
(Yes, I'm obsessed with my hot glue gun…and yes, it's a mess. I can't help it.) 
When I got the strands where I wanted them, I wrapped the gray ribbon around the white ring. I did a tiny drop of glue every few inches to keep everything in place.
*Tip: wrap tightly!
I ended up punching out more circles and making the mobile double-sided; I didn't like all the white that showed. I just glued the backs of the circles together and lined them up so no white showed.
I then cut two pieces of ribbon that were the exact diameter of the circle, 
found the middle of each piece, 
and glued them together to make a cross.
Then I glued it to the ring.
I glued a long piece of ribbon to the center of the cross so I had something to hang from the ceiling (it was a little tricky to get it balanced perfectly, but I just kept manipulating it with dabs of glue until it hung straight!) and voila!
I just used a clear tack to stick it to the ceiling.
So much cheaper than buying a mobile from the store, and is sure making me excited to have a baby girl to change on that cute table 🙂