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Wow, did you think I died? Sorry for all the surface-level posts lately. Have no fear, I'm not dead…I just gave birth is all!

That's right folks, whether you've been waiting in anticipation…or whether you never even had any idea I was pregnant…(where have you been the last 9 months, people??) Page Baby Number 5, our beautiful baby girl, is here! Healthy, safe, sound, and oh so stinking cute. As promised, here is baby Mory's birth story, story behind her name, and all that good stuff. Just forgive any errors in advance, I'm a bit sleep deprived. Without further adieu…

I now introduce you to…

Mory June Page

That's right, she was born on May 4th, an exciting day for all you Star Wars buffs out there! (For the rest of us, apparently being able to say “May the 4th Be With You” is a big deal and an oh-so-clever homage to Star Wars.) Here's the back story about why she was induced 1 week early, the story behind her name, whether I had varicose veins this pregnancy again (since they were EPIC last time!), and an update on life and how we are handling life with 5 (FIVE!!) kids…and many of your other questions answered in true Jordan-Can't-Help-But-Overshare fashion!


This pregnancy has been pretty darn good, to be honest. Many of you have asked about my varicose veins, and if they were bad again this pregnancy. Let me just refresh your memory (or nightmares) with a shot of what my right leg looked like last pregnancy. I apologize in advance for trauma seeing this picture may cause, please send all therapy bills my way and I will happily handle them for you.

My varicose vein story - ALL Your questions answered! From

To answer your question, yes, I had varicose veins this pregnancy. And to many standards they were “bad”. But it's hard to call them “bad” on my end because…well…DID YOU SEE THE PICTURE ABOVE?? This time was 1000x times better than last time so it was hard to complain. Anything that was fixed last time remained fixed, so this time it was mostly surface-level purple (dark and ugly) veins, but I didn't have any blood clots, big roping veins, and had only a FRACTION of the discomfort as last time.

varicose veins - large and in charge! See how I fixed them at

Last time was agonizing, basically 100% of the time. This time as long as I wore a thigh-high compression hose I felt really good. Ok fine, maybe my perception of “really good” is somewhat skewed because DID YOU SEE THAT PICTURE ABOVE??, but truly, no room for complaints this time around. (And again, read my full varicose vein story for more details).

Aside from the veins (which I fully plan to have fixed again, I'm just going to wait a few weeks to see how things settle now that I'm not pregnant any more), my pregnancy was pretty good. I was pretty hormonal this time around. Often grumpy, quick temper, easily agitated, generally unpleasant to be around (as my husband will attest to). Must be because I was pregnant with a girl. One set of female hormones in a single body is enough…but TWO?! Heaven help us, Hormonal Jordan is a force to be reckoned with.

I had morning sickness somewhat, but not nearly as bad as I did with my first 4. My main complaint was my anemia (which I get with every pregnancy) which leads to chronic fatigue. Holy SMOKES I was so tired all. the. time. One day I was driving, middle of the day, and had to head home instead of run more errands because I was falling asleep at the wheel! Borderline narcolepsy, I tell you! Combine the anemia with turning 30 and I think my body is just mad at me. My hips started hurting early on this pregnancy, my eyes were extra blurry, and my heartburn was KILLER. But otherwise I have pretty good pregnancies so again, you won't hear me complain too much. (Just ignore the last 3 paragraphs of straight complaining.) But let's just say that I was more than ready for her to be born.

D-DAY (Delivery Day):

May the 4th be with you! Baby Mory's birth story

Unfortunately her birth story isn't really all that exciting! My due date was May 10, but they schedule me to be induced 1 week early with my babies. Partially because they let me, and I'm happy to cut 1 week out of my pregnancy. But mostly because my veins are usually so bad toward the end (and the risk of blood clots so high) and as long as the baby is healthy, we are all anxious to get her out so my veins can chill. I've only ever had to be induced with my oldest (who was 8 days late – THE WORST). All the other ones have come either on their induction date, or the day before. Plus, having no family in town having an induction date is nice because then my mom knows when to fly into town to help with the baby. Planning ahead that way is nice, especially when we only get my mom's help for a few days!


My kitchen, sunroom, and living room are clean (#Rare), groceries are bought and put away, organized my freezer, cut the boys hair, did nails with Priya, bought newborn diapers, found some newborn essentials and assembled the new car seat, organized some closets, did all the laundry, went on a final hot date with the hubs, went to the #LDSTemple, filled the car with gas, cleaned out the garage, helped the kids make Mother's Day gifts, got the guest room ready for mom, had a final play date with girlfriends, unpacked several lingering boxes throughout the house, bought some new headbands for baby girl, got a pedi with @tfalleman, up a bunch of stuff for the blog, mom had landed in the nest and has the kids' schedule written out and finalized, pre-registered at the hospital…ok baby girl, NOW you can officially come. #AndPleaseDoSoIDontHaveToBeInducedTomorrow #AndNowNeedANap #SoReadyToBeDone #SoMuchWork #BringOnTheEpidural #PageBabyNo5 #itsGoTime #MayThe4thBeWithUs

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I got everything ready a few days early, just in case she came on her own…which, I totally thought she would (and was hoping she would!) since not only had my last 4 come on or before their induction date, but I had been having pretty solid Braxton Hicks since about 32 weeks! But alas, her induction date came and still no baby.

Dang. Oh well, let's do this!

Call me crazy, but I LOVE giving birth. Like, love love love love it. I could do without the “being pregnant” part, and would love to skip straight to delivery. Thanks to an epidural it's a day of relaxing and napping, chatting and laughing with the hospital staff, a day for Bubba and I to chit chat and reconnect after a super busy time, and most exciting of all, the day I FINALLY get to meet my cute baby! I would give birth every day if I could.  Needless to say, I was a weeeeeeeee bit excited. We got up early, got showered, dressed, ready, got to the hospital around 8am, took one last belly shot… baby Mory's birth story! Then got all hooked up and ready for baby NUMER 5! (that still sounds crazy to me…) Baby Mory's birth story! The baby's head was slightly off to the side so she wasn't pushing straight down on my cervix like my other babies had been, so I was only about a 3 when I was admitted, as I had been for the last several weeks. They started me on a low dose of Pitocin around 9/9:30 to get things rolling. I have a super high pain tolerance and my contractions were pretty minor for the first few hours, so I held off on the epidural and enjoyed crocheting a baby blanket for baby girl, reading, doing a few things on my computer, and overgramming on Instagram of course. Baby Mory's birth story After a few hours (around noon) they broke my water and I got the epidural, since my contractions were getting stronger. I do love me an epidural! It allowed me to take a (much needed) nap and Bubba ran down the street to Lowes to return a bunch of lights we didn't need. Multi-tasking at it's finest, people!

I tend to go REALLY fast once I'm dilated to a 6. If you remember with Daivy, I went from a 6 to a 10 in ONE contraction. My doc and nurses said it was likely that I would go fast again, so once I was dilated to a 6 they got ready for action around 2:30pm.

Turns out they were right to get ready!

Once I was a 6, the contractions started coming on really strong. My epidural had started wearing off at that point so I pushed the button (the magic button!) to get another dose…but it was basically too late. DOH! Why do I do this to myself every time!? Around 2:50 they got ready and had me start pushing. 3 contractions and a few pushes later baby girl made her debut at 2:58pm!

Because my epidural had started wearing off I felt much more of those final few minutes than I would've liked to. But the epidural took most of the edge off so it was still an enjoyable experience. I cried when I met her for the first time, of course, as I always do. How can you not??  It's the most beautiful thing!

She started crying before she was even all the way out and started rooting right away so she was a champion and as healthy as they come. She snuggled up on my chest and hung out there for as least 30 minutes. I was in Heaven!

Baby Mory's birth story!

We immediately named her (more on that below) and enjoyed a relaxing rest of the day.

baby mory

I sent Bubba home around 7pm to help put the kids to bed and get some rest, because sleeping at the hospital is…well…just about the hardest thing ever. My mom came over once the kids were in bed and met baby Mory.

Mimi, Mory. Mory, Mimi. #InstantLove ? #MoryJune #PageBabyNo5

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I stayed the night, and the kids came and met her the next morning. Baby Mory's birth story! Ps my delivery robe was a gift from Pink Blush Maternity. Isn't it the cutest? Let's just say…it was NUTS. Cute, but NUTS. Priya (4) just about ripped the baby out of my arms, she was so excited to hold her, baby Mory Hutch (6) was playing it cool, but was just about busting out of his shirt, he was so happy and proud, baby Mory Beck (3) was a sweet little angel with her, baby Mory baby Mory And Daivy…well…Daivy wanted nothing to do with “it”. baby Mory …but a quick raid to the snack cart for graham crackers and Oreos helped things along. baby Mory It was so cute, and great to see my kiddos…but it was exhausting and I needed a nap when it was all over. baby Mory I was nervous about my recovery since I have heard that with each kid the delivery get easier, but the pregnancies and recoveries get harder. But I have to say, this has been my best recovery yet! Maybe because she's my smallest, or maybe because my body just know's the drill at this point. But I was feeling so great (and still am!). I was ready to get home and into my own bed. We checked out of the hospital around 8pm, had a #PageDanceParty on the way home,

Bringing Mory home in style by way of her first #PageDanceParty. (…#BecauseWereClassyLikeThat) @bubbapage #Whip #NaeNae #MoryJune A video posted by Jordan Page | Costco Pro?? (@funcheaporfree) on

…then enjoyed a whole lot of this for the rest of the weekend.

baby Mory



Baby Mory's birth story!

Bubba ultimately named this baby, and it's super cute how excited he was about it. When Bubba and I were dating back in college one day (when we were hiking in Multnomah Falls, OR, I remember it vividly…) we were having a casual conversation and brought up our future families. One of us asked how many kids we wanted (…ok…maybe that's not a casual conversation for some? For us it was completely natural, ha!) and it somehow led to “what names do you like?”. (Ok fine, we were obviously scoping each other out for marriage at that point, ok??) Bubba mentioned that he's always liked the name Moriah from the Bible, and thought it would be a pretty girl's name – but that he'd want to call her Mory.

Flash forward to now. We found out we were having a girl and when we started talking about names, he brought up Moriah/Mory. It was quite the blast from the past, since it was never really brought up with any of our other girls. I was only lukewarm about the name and proposed lots of alternatives throughout the pregnancy, but Bubba insisted that he thought this baby should be baby Mory.

As the D-day got closer I told him that I was more on-board with Mory, but wanted to drop Moriah. He was totally fine with that. BUT…I wanted at least 2 backup names that we agreed on, in case she was born and happened to not be a Mory. (Commitment issues here, folks! I need options!) But the moment she was born we both knew she was Mory.

Bubba proposed the middle name Leigh (my middle name) but I don't love it, so I suggested June, his Grandma's name. And BAM! A human is named.


Baby Mory's birth story

The 3 older kids are doing great. They love Mory and don't feel threatened by her or anything. Daivy, however, has struggled a bit…but she's only 17 months and is in a SUPER hard stage right now anyway, so she gives us a run for our money even when a new baby isn't around. It's been 1 week and she seems to have adjusted a lot and is doing much better!

How are WE adjusting, you ask?

Baby Mory's birth story

As you can imagine, having 5 kids 6 and under is no walk in the park. However, I love it. We love it. We got pregnant with all of them on purpose, and though it's straight up crazy town at our house most of the time, I wouldn't have it any other way. Now that we have 5 I have to be completely honest…it hasn't been that bad. I almost feel bad saying it out loud!! But I feel great, I'm not too sleep-deprived (I'm not used to getting much sleep as it is), Mory is a great eater and isn't colic-y (knock on WOOD), so…so far, doing great.

However…we are only 8 days into it and my mom is here, and she is SUPERWOMAN. She is the most helpful, hands-on, get'er done woman and makes things easy on us! So when she leaves town I may be singing a completely different tune.

Baby Mory

But one benefit of having kids so close together is we are knee-deep in baby mode. My kids all nap, they all watch the same shows, play with the same toys, have the same needs (for the most part) so we have a pretty good routine and system going. I'm really really really really excited that school is ending in 2 weeks because carpool is the hardest thing. Having to load all the kids up 3x per day is a nightmare, so luckily my mom is driving it for me while she's here then school will be out before it would've been my turn to drive again.

…Can I come clean for a second?

I sometimes feel weird about this whole baby-making thing. My pregnancies are pretty good for the most part, my deliveries are awesome and I thoroughly enjoy them. My body tends to bounce back pretty quick, and call me nuts, but I actually enjoy the craziness that having so many kids, so close together brings. It's not easy and I'll never claim it is; I am a mess much of the time. But it's not that bad. And sometimes I feel bad about it. I feel awkward when people try to figure out “how we do it”…because I have no idea! The only thing I can say is that God wanted us to have this many kids, this close together (that was made abundantly clear over time), and in return, He has blessed us with the tools we need to be able to handle it without killing someone. Every day I'm just overwhelmed with how much God has blessed us. I can't even begin to count or name our blessings. So I wish I knew. I wish I had tricks, or secrets, or magic sauce to share. Ultimately God has made it possible for us to handle because, for whatever reason, He wanted us to have this big family, just so. I have learned that if we have faith in God's plan, He will provide the way. Maybe not in the way or timeline we think, but He doesn't ask us to do anything we can't handle (with His help).

I have my days where I think “I just can't do this today” and go to bed feeling sad, guilty, and disappointed in myself for basically losing my noodle that day. But I'm human and am just doing my best. I'm not perfect and I don't have it all figured out by any means. But so far we are doing ok, and actually enjoying the journey in the process.

I have an incredibly loving, selfless, hands-on husband, a fabulous mother and MIL who come to town to help, a good support group of friends that I've slowly been collecting over the years, and my Faith. Oh and Swig. And chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

That being said, I do have lots of tips and tricks that I plan to share on Instagram, Facebook, and even Periscope (follow me @FunCheapOrFree) so be sure to follow me on there and I'll share as much as I can about this crazy parenting thing 🙂


That's baby Mory's story, and the answers to the questions that have been rolling in.

Do you have any questions that I missed? Leave them below and I'll answer them!

And don't you worry your pretty little mind! In case an entire blog post isn't enough, have no fear! We actually took video throughout D-day and I plan to have the video go live in 2 weeks or so, so you'll see much more behind-the-scenes in the video! (And don't worry, I didn't film any of the gross stuff. Sorry to disappoint.)

Thank you all so much for your love and support, and congrats. I know there are people who have very strong opinions about the size of our family or what have you, and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a tribe of people who love and support us, despite the craziness. 😉

I love my Freebs…and baby Mory is pretty great too 🙂