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Free photo cards

If you go to and enter the code listed in this ad, you get 25 free photo cards! This is a great deal. Check it out! Thanks for the tip, Sharon! Got tips for me? What would you like to see on this site? Please email me at        

Restaurant coupon deals sent to your cell phone!

If you are anything like me, you A) love good deals and B) love to try new restaurants. I discovered SKWEEZ a few months ago and have been gaga about it ever since. Go to, enter your phone number, and every day around 10:00 you get a text coupon to a local restaurant (you

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Welcome to my new blog, Fun, Cheap, or Free! People have always marveled at mine and my husband’s ability to take advantage of discounted or free stuff. Well, it’s time to share! This site is designed to give you creative ways to save a buck…or, lots of bucks rather. It will have fun things to

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