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Jordan Page

How To Save Money

Great deal on boots!! + free shipping until midnight

Ok, I know we’re all a little shopped-out after Christmas…but I had to share this killer deal. I got some cash for Christmas and really need want new boots.  I checked out Zulily (a great daily deal site that has surprisingly cute stuff) and they have a GAZILLION amazing boots right now. (Plus, if you…

Lifestyle, Marriage

How’s your marriage doing?

My husband and I had an opportunity to do the NEATEST date night recently, I’ve been dying to tell you about it! First, let me start off by saying, I am slightly obsessed with my husband. He is my best friend, he’s handsome, hilarious, his name is Bubba which is super sexy, and we are…


My DIY (FREE!) Christmas cards

One of my favorite things about Christmas time is getting all those ADORABLE Christmas cards in the mail. The only problem? They can be expensive. Like, super expensive, expensive.   I know many of my friends use TinyPrints because they have amazing designs. But their photo cards are easily $1.60+…for pretty basic cards! Each year…


Useful Trash Segment follow-up

WHEEW! I don’t know about you, but I had a CA-RAY-ZAY weekend. On Thursday I got some crazy stomach bug that left me throwing up all day/night  (gross, sorry) …and I had to somehow muster up the strength to do my live TV segment for Studio 5 on Friday morning. Not easy, folks! But it…