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Reminder…live Q&A TONIGHT!

Quick reminder to tune in to YouTube tonight at 8pm MST to ask questions and get them answered LIVE by…well…yours truly 🙂 See how to participate and all the info you need HERE. See you in a few hours! Guess I should go do my hair…


Join me…Live Q&A #2 coming up this Monday!

Well, folks, I’m feelin’ the love. I was a little nervous about the first Live Q&A session (who really wants to sit and hear me talk to myself for an hour??) but the response was overwhelming…you wanted more! Hooray for my favorite readers ever! You ask, I deliver…join me for my second Live Q&A Session coming…

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How FITNESS and FINANCES are the same

source I have often used the anology of how diet, weight-loss, and fitness are just like budgeting, frugality, and  managing your money. In fact, that’s the ENTIRE premise of my Frugality Boot Camps! (Which, stay tuned…FBC 2014 will be announced soon!! EEEK!) I started using this analogy because for myself first, but then quickly learned that…


Oh, haaaay Ivanka Trump! (…my new BFF)

So…I know I’m supposed to post my 10-Pound Challenge results/review today. BUT… Let’s just say I got a bit distracted last night. On Instagram I posted this picture of Priya a month ago: Sporting my gorgeous Ivanka Trump shoes that I got on clearance. In case you don’t know, Ivanka just so happens to be…

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My favorite FREE fitness app!

source This month I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for helpful fitness tools to help me with the FCF 10-Pound Challenge. My cute new SIL told me about the BEST app ever. It’s called My Fitness Pal. It’s a website, but I used the app pretty much exclusively. Here’s why I love it: It’s free….

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10-Pound Challenge is almost over! Hang in there!!

Today is the 29th…only a few more days left of the FCF 10-Pound Challenge! Starting weight: 147.2, (5’9 tall)    Goal weight: 137.2 by Aug 1   Exercise goal: Intense – 4 days, moderate – 2 days per week This 10-Pound challenge has been a whirlwind. It started when myself, my hubby, and my family went…