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How to de-clump brown sugar…in the microwave!

Tip… Did you know you can microwave rock-hard brown sugar and it will turn soft and sprinkly and delicious again? True story.   I’m sure we’ve all heard the tip where you can put a slice of bread in an airtight container of clumpy brown sugar and it will turn soft again (it really works,…


Reminder…Q&A Tomorrow (Monday)!

I have some AWESOME posts that I’m really excited to share, but unfortunately I was having too much fun this weekend to get to them.Oops.In the meantime, wanted to pop in to quickly remind you to join the live Q&A tomorrow! Can’t make it? Submit your questions early. Even though live questions will be given…


Live Q&A #3 coming up on MONDAY!

I’m doing another Live Q&A sesh this coming Monday! I know it hasn’t been 3 full weeks since the last one, but with the holiday I thought I’d squeeze one in real fast. Click the widget below for info, or click HERE for all the details. See you there! Sell Tickets Online through Eventbrite