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Watch a FREE religious broadcast (General Conference)

This weekend I am enjoying my favorite time of year, General Conference. It’s a free religious broadcast that you can watch from your own home where church leaders give 15 minute talks on incredible topics. We make our favorite cinnamon rolls, do activities with our kids, we always seem to have family in town to enjoy…


Live like a VIP…on the cheap!

Hello to everyone who saw me today on Studio 5! I hope you stick around and become part of the family 🙂 Be sure to sign up for my emails so you never miss an important post (put your email in the box above my picture on the right), check out my most popular posts…

TLC, TV segment

Set your DVR’s…for TLC!!

How’s your relationship with your DVR? If it’s rusty, put on some romantic music, cuddle up, get to know each other better, and get it primed and ready for two exciting things… source 1. Tomorrow (October 3) 1:00 MST I will be on Studio 5 doing a segment that I am REALLY excited about: it’s…


7 surprising ways to get rid of bad breath!

Bad breath is the pits. Literally. Like a sinking, black, swampy, embarrassing pit. Luckily, bad breath can be fixed…and pretty easily, at that! Here are some of the best (surprising, even) ways to get rid of bad breath: (get the rest of the info HERE) source I recently did a post for Burg Pedatric Dentistry about…


A tagline has been chosen!!

A big fat ILOVEYOUALLANDICAN’TTELLYOUALLHOWMUCHYOUMEANTOMEYOUARETHEBESTREADERSEVERANDIFEELLIKEWEAREALLBESTFRIENDSANDIWANTTOHANGOUTWITHYOUALLANDGIVEYOUALLBIGHUGS. source Oh, and thanks. Why? For just being you. But since you’re asking me to be specific here, thanks for helping us come up with the best tagline ever. We had 237 of you enter…and MOST of you entered at least 3 suggestions, a lot of you 10 or more! I…


TLC episode featured in article…sneak peek details!

I know you’ve all been waiting oh so patiently for news as to when my TLC Extreme Cheapskates episode will air. Good news and bad news… Bad news? No date yet. Good news? They are currently editing my episode and said it’s hilarious. Oh great. In the meantime get a few more sneak-peek details about…