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The Frugal Minute

I wanted to pop in quickly to tell you all about a little secret that’s been going on over  on Instagram (find me @funcheaporfree)! Technically if you don’t follow us on Instagram yet, I shouldn’t tell you this secret because the Instagram-secret police might hunt me down and show me what shaken baby syndrome as an…

Inside FCF, Our Team

Meet our interns!

Our FCF team is continuing to grow, and I can’t go another day without introducing you to two AMAZING ladies who are helping out with important FCF details behind the scene. I’d like to introduce you to…drumroll please… our FABULOUS interns! Becca Hawkes, Graphic Design and Photography Hello!  I’m Becca. I grew up moving around the…

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Tooth Fairy Pillow Tutorial

I’m still sick as a dog and working my TAIL off to finish the massive 3-part cruise/travel post (that you don’t want to miss so stay tuned!). I’m SO CLOSE to being done. To keep myself focused I enlisted the help of our new DIY/Crafting contributors form Find it Make it Love it to help…


Why things have been a little weird around here lately.

*Update: Congrats to Barb Sampson for winning the $50! Hope you enjoy!!* Guys…we need to talk about something. As I mentioned super briefly yesterday, my blog has been going through a…well…a maturation process of sorts. I feel like it’s going through blog puberty and trying to become a non-awkward grownup. Turns out it’s not easy…