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Smooches from me!

I love you

Just had to stop in quickly and express my love for each and every one of you! This blog wouldn’t happen if YOU (yes you) weren’t reading it RIGHT NOW. So really, I hope you feel the love from your screen that I feel in my heart. Have a great weekend and find a way…

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DIY Pot Holder Purse Caddy

Enjoy this guest post from my favorite gals over at Find it Make it Love it! We are so excited to be guest-posting on FCF today! This project we’re going to show you is so simple, so cheap, so easy, and it’s something every bag should have! Who doesn’t need a little caddy to hold…


GNO = Cheap Therapy

If any of you are following along with February’s “Focus on Relationships” calendar, then I hope you all followed my oh-so-strict instructions to have a night out with friends this week. (I’m really a slave-driver, eh? ;)) I have to set the example here, right? So – twist my arm – I got some of my…

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The secret behind how I get things done.

This post was made possible by Ingo Money. Hi. My name is To-Do Book. (Hey don’t judge, I didn’t name myself you know.) I’m cute, obviously. But my real magic is that I keep Jordan’s life on-track. Well, as best as anyone can, anyway. Jordan has fallen back in love with me recently. She bought…


The Touch-Base Challenge

Photo source Who is BEYOND excited for February’s “Focus on Relationships” month theme?? I feel like I have pretty healthy relationships in my life in general, so I admittedly felt like this month would be a piece of cake. But I was pretty humbled when I sat down to create the February calendar  and became…