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8 Money-Saving Hacks to Save $100 RIGHT NOW! (+$500 Giveaway!)

If your wallet has been crying and you’ve been looking for ways to save money, today is your lucky day! Don’t worry, emailing your Nigerian Prince Relative is NOT required! Whew! I’m going to show you what you can do RIGHT NOW to save or earn $100. Not only one way, but EIGHT ways. Do

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How to Get Your Baby To Sleep Through the Night…WITHOUT crying it out!

Raise your hand if you’re a walking Mombie! We know how exhausting it can be to have a newborn. One of the top questions I get asked after having a baby is, “How do you get your baby to sleep through the night and sleep so well?” With six kids all roughly 18 months apart,

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How We Do Extracurricular Activities for Kids

Raise your hand if you have a love/hate relationship with extracurricular activities for kids! RAISING MY HAND HIGH OVER HERE! I LOVE watching my kids play their favorite sports and gain so much confidence through them. I don’t love running around like a mad woman trying to figure out which way is North or South. Can

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