Ask questions LIVE to a lifestyle, family finance, and frugal living blogger and expert via periscope!

Recently y'all asked for more live Q&A's, and we all know I have a certifiable obsession with Periscope. I decided to marry the two, and now introduce to you…


Here's how it works:

(Ps no clue what Periscope is? Keep reading, I explain at the bottom, and also share some seriously exciting projects coming up on FCF!)

  • As announced on social media each Monday I will get on Periscope to answer YOUR questions.
  • I plan to change up the time of day (or night) each Monday to cater to everyone's time zones.
  • All you have to do is download Persicope on your phone (free!), follow me (@FunCheapOrFree), and be sure to turn on your notifications so your phone will notify you when I go live.
  • You can be multi-tasking while listening; driving in your car, doing your dishes, at the park with your kids, doesn't matter. I can't see or hear you, all you need to do is put in a headset and listen away! (And watch, comment, and participate if you can. But please not while driving. That's just crazy sauce. And illegal.)
  • I will also change up the Q&A format. Sometimes I will answer rapid-fire questions as they come in, like I did last night. Sometimes I might take a question that came in sometime during the week on social media or my blog, and do the Q&A session based around that one topic. I might stand on my head, do a dance, and sing my ABC's backwards while answering made up questions in my head. You just never know! No matter the format, I will make it a point to answer your questions – about whatever topic – as they come in live on Periscope.
  • Don't have Periscope, don't want Periscope, or want me to stop being so obsessed with Periscope? Have no fear! I could never leave my Freebs hanging. I will upload each Q&A to YouTube, and will do a blog post with the video so you can watch via the Periscope app (for up to 24 hours then they take it down which is dumb…), on YouTube (in my Periscope or Q&A playlist), or right here on the ol' blawg.

  • Have questions that you can't submit live via Periscope? No prob, Bob. I will make it a point to have Ask Me Mondays where I cover questions that were submitted beforehand via my Q&A box, or via comments that come in on Instagram and Facebook, and I will mix them in with questions that come in live as well.
  •  No clue what Periscope is? It's a free app that is partnered with Twitter that allows you to watch people broadcast live from their phones. You don't have to use Twitter (I sure don't), you simply have to have a Twitter login in order to use Periscope. When you follow someone on Periscope, your phone notifies you when they are broadcasting live. You watch, just like you would a YouTube video, but you can chime in with questions and comments via the app's chat feature. You can tap the screen and give hearts which shows love for the person broadcasting. It's just one more way to engage and give feedback without having to chime in and actually comment. When the broadcast is done I save it to my phone, and upload it to YouTube. NOTE: The comments and hearts do NOT save, so when watching the video on anything other than the Periscope app, you will not see any of them. I'm not a crazy person talking to myself, I promise there are comments I'm reading and responding to. That's one reason why watching the broadcast live is so helpful; otherwise you miss out on the full convo.

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For those who missed the Q&A #11 from last night, you can watch it online or click and watch below:

Here are the questions we covered in the video (in order):
-How to get and keep husbands motivated
-How do you get your kiddos to eat fruits and veggies? Do you hide them?
-How do you handle tantrums with your kids?
-What financial advice do you have for a new mom?
-Do you like shopping? how do you keep yourself in check?
-What are some of your favorite things; singers, food, color, etc?
-Best way for paying off school loans?
-Do you stitch fix?
-What % of paycheck do you recommend into savings?
-Who is your dream person to meet? (public figure)
-What is your dream vacation?
-My husband wants to switch careers but i’m not on board how did you support bubba?
-How do you get your kids to sleep?
-Why do you buy a new crib mattress with each baby?
-Advice on business expenses?
-How many hours do you get to sleep?
-Do you have any good Thai recipes?
-Must-have wardrope staple and outfit ideas?
-What is a good amount for the other budget?
-I just moved from OR. How do I add sales tax in to my budget?
-How do you feel about Dave Ramsey's $ ideas?
-How much should we save for our first home?
-Have you been on a cruise?
-What did you study in college?
-Doing anything for your 30th? I turn in Feb and want to plan something fun but don’t know what.
-How do you feel about MLM companies?
-How old are you and Bubba?
-What does Bubba do?
-Does your baby sleep through the night?

And now for some exciting announcements!

By the way, I'm sorry if it seems like I'm a bit all over the place lately…I am! I have some REALLY SUPER EXCITING projects in the works. 13 of them, to be exact. Want to know some of them? Of course you do. Since I can't keep any secrets here are the ones I can tell you about:

  • writing a book,
  • publishing our Freebs Cook Book (which we still need recipes for!!),
  • working on an exciting group trip for my 30th birthday and FCF's 5th bday in March,
  • completely revamping Frugality Boot Camp,
  • publishing another e-cook book (hopefully coming Thursday!),
  • creating a product line,
  • Working my tail off to figure out how I can hit the road and travel to YOUR city to meet YOU!
  • Throwing and managing blog and entrepreneur mastermind groups
  • Preparing for upcoming speaking engagements and conferences

…all while trying to keep my blog stats strong and produce amazing content for y'all. Not to mention I also have 3 super ginormous personal projects going on including buying and selling a house and playing SAHM to 4 young kids (which doesn't even count as one of the 3). Don't worry, details coming very soon!

Needless to say, I'm juggling lots of hats and trying my best. I promise, the projects will help YOU get more content, help, goodies,  from ME, so trust me, it's all worth it!

Thanks for bearing with me as I turn to social media as a way to get you lots of content in a quick and efficient amount of time (since one blog post can take up to 6 hours…did you know that? Crazy, huh?). I'm not phasing out and I'm not going anywhere. In fact, brace yourself, because FunCheapOrFree is going to hit a whole new level in the next few months.

Here's to an exciting year! …and chocolate to help me get through it.