LIVE Q&A via YouTube with Jordan Page, Family Finance Guru and Frugal Living Expert! Details at

It's been a while, so it's time for another LIVE Q&A!! I love these sooooooo much. In fact, I'd like to start doing them every other week, to make me more consistent with them. Would you guys like that? Too often? Not often enough? Let me know in the comments below!

For those who are Live Q&A newbies, here's how they work:

Live Q&A via Google+ and Youtube:

  • My next live Q&A is scheduled for:  Tomorrow, May 19, 2015 at 7:30pm PST (8:30MST, (9:30 CST, 10:30EST) via Youtube. (Sorry it's so late, but the daytime ones were too crazy with the kiddos.)
  • Yes, I will be in my house. So yes, you will probably hear dogs and kids in the background. No, I might not be wearing makeup…or a bra…
  • The live chat is powered through Youtube and Google+. So you can join/watch on any device that you can watch YouTube on…even your phone!
  • I won’t be able to see or hear anyone; it’s as if you’re watching me on TV (weird for me, awesome for you…).
  • I will spend about 60 minutes answering as many questions as possible!
  • Since no one can see or hear you, feel free to be multi-tasking; doing your dishes, folding your laundry, working out, or doing whatever you’d like during the Q&A. Just plug a headset into your phone or computer so you can hear me ramble and away you go!
  • To join in live, keep your eye on my Facebook pageAt 8:30pm sharp I’ll post the link to the session. You simply click on the link, and start watching! So easy.
  • Live questions get top priority! They will be answered on a first come, first served basis for the most part (unless they are repeat questions).
  • To submit a question LIVE during the Q&A session you simply leave a question in the comments of the Facebook post that has the link to the Q&A. During the session your question gets top priority!
  • Your questions can be about absolutely ANYTHING. Feel free to ask about…

  • Frugality, tips, tricks
  • Advice for YOUR financial situation
  • “How do you…” “How should I…” “What do you do when…”
  • Blogging
  • My personal life
  • My day-to-day routine
  • My family
  • Heck, what size shoe I wear! (11, by the way)
  • You can leave tips for me to share to other readers.
  • Or simply to tell of a frugal success story. I loooove those!
  • Just no questions about astronomy. Or science. I promise I will NOT have the answer.
  • If you miss the live session, have no fear. It will automatically record to YouTube and I will post the link to the video the following day, so you can go back and watch the video at your convenience.
  • Got questions but can't submit your question live? Drop your Q in THIS BOX and I'll get to it if I have time, or I'll try to do a post about it sometime soon!

It’s really a ton of fun, so I hope you join me!

“See” you all tomorrow night!