Q&A with Jordan

Over the years I have gained lots of new Freebs into the Freeb Family. I realize that many of you new Freebs might not know we as well as others! Thus, I often get random “get-to-know-you” questions via social media, YouTube, the blog, etc. For this week's Millennial Moms video I thought it would be fun to answer them for you! Brace yourself, we cover a lot in 5 minutes. Most embarrassing moment, if we're done having kids, proudest accomplishment, go-to karaoke song, scariest moment of my life, and more!

Watch the video online or watch below:



So there you go!

For no reason other than it's fun to get to know each other from time to time, hope you enjoyed. Lots of things you probably didn't really care to know about me, but I took it upon myself to let you know anyway. You're welcome. I think?

Oh! And since you're bound to ask, to answer your additional questions…

Now…YOUR TURN! Tell me something random about you!

Have a great day!