April: Focus on Organization Month – FREE printable calendar, weekly challenges and more!

This month we're getting organized by focusing on ONE area per day! That's it! Spring cleaning will be a breeze when you join in our April organization month-long challenge!

April Organization Challenge Calendar from FunCheapOrFree.com

April showers bring… a new Focused in 19 Monthly Challenge! It is warming up and you can smell that spring is in the air. I think we might all be ready to open up the windows, air out the house and get some spring cleaning & organizing done. Anybody else feeling it? Well that's good, because we are going to roll-up our sleeves and get down and dirty – while we get things all tidied up! Good thing we all got fit last month because this is going to be a workout!

Organization Month Long Challenge

While everyone has been raving about the great deals to be found at the thrift store thanks to Marie Kondo & Netflix we are going to be saving money by getting rid of all the extra stuff we have piled up! How are we going to do that you might ask? Follow along this month's organization challenge and we'll tackle it ALL together!

Are you ready to get rid of that clutter, make some space (and maybe some extra money) by organizing EVERY. SINGLE. AREA. of your house!?

Did I hear a heck yeah!?!? Then let's get started!

Hopefully you've found the last THREE months of challenges beneficial and are ready to tackle this one head on! If not, you can still sign-up here!

Focus on Organization Month

We really want you to be successful, so we've put together a fun calendar to help you keep up with all the tasks. Here's what you need to do:

Print and follow along!

Get this printable calendar HERE. Put it on your mirror, in the kitchen, in your car, and wherever else you need to remind you to follow along! I set an alarm in my phone to remind me what area of the house I'll be tackling each day.

Set an alarm every day to be successful with organization month from FunCheapOrFree.com

Set aside time to organize and clean each day.

For anyone who has ever done Spring cleaning before, you know that some tasks are more time intensive than others. Make sure to keep that in mind and check your organization calendar as you plan your week. Some cleaning and organizing tasks might take several hours, some might only take 5 minutes. However long it takes, stay committed! Don't stop until the job is done.

It will be a lot of hard work, but think about it…if you can power down and stay focused for just 30 short days, your entire house will be organized and you will get a fresh start on the rest of your year! Doesn't that sound lovely??

Don't be afraid to switch up the task for the day. 

If your schedule is full and you don't have the time to clean out a closet, switch it with an easier task on the calendar. It doesn't need to be complicated, don't overthink the daily task. Split your cleaning task up into smaller, more manageable chunks, if you need to. You can even break it up throughout the day, if necessary. Using a timer always helps to get tasks completed and gives you the flexibility knowing you have time set aside to get it done!

Organization Month will help you get a fresh start on the rest of the year - tips from FunCheapOrFree.com

Once you finish with an area, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment and be ready to tackle another area on the calendar the next day!

Play along!!

Celebrate your organization milestones! Take a #SHELFIE (Ha! See what I did there?) and share YOUR pictures on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #FocusOnOrganizationMonth. Just be sure to tag me @funcheaporfree so I can see it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing Freebs' posts and photos.

We're taking Spring cleaning a step further by really focusing on getting organized in each area of your house. Take it one day at a time and in the end you'll love the result!

Here are some of my most helpful posts to get you going on your Spring cleaning and organization task list:

I am SO EXCITED about this month, and I hope you are too!





  1. AvatarShana says

    I found your site through YouTube and am grateful for your videos and tips. Thank you for sharing your life with the public 🙂

    Are you familiar with the actress Katie Cassidy? You resemble her a lot especially in your pictures with less make up.

    Looking forward to better organizing my home with your site. I was pleasantly surprised to see I’m following many of the steps already. Thanks again!

  2. AvatarPascale Susi says

    Hello Jordan. I’ve been following you for about a year now and my husband and I are working our way through both bootcamps. I think what you’ve done is fabulous and I wanted to thank you for being your wonderful self. I recently watched your post on traveling to Mexico with your family and I was impressed with how easily you seemed to be able to relax while still having the kids with you most of the time. My husband and I struggle with that a lot and have not figured out how to actually relax and enjoy restaurants, vacations, etc with out kids who are 2 and 4. Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, when I try to click on the April calendar to print it takes me to the login page to sign up for the newsletter (which I’m already signed up for) and i can never get through to the actual calendar page. Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong. Thanks again for everything and take care! Pascale

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      This is a tricky one to answer because there are so many things I could say! Read the book “love and logic for the early years” it helps a lot! Otherwise, we just try to socialize our kids early so they learn public behaviors pretty early on. And if there’s a problem and they start throwing a tantrum, we go take a time out in the car and they learn quickly that poor behavior is not allowed. We also bring activities to keep them entertained and do our best to eat quickly and get out of there fast! ?

  3. Avatarzoe says

    I have tried everything I can to get your January – April calendars. I can not seem to get them.
    Can you help.

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Hi Zoe, I’m so sorry that you’re having problems! Have you tried looking in ALL of your email folders that they could possibly be going to? Try searching for emails from [email protected]. If you’ve done that and you’re still not finding them, please email [email protected] and they’ll help you to get it figured out!

  4. AvatarJamie says

    Hi Jordan! What are your recommendations for storing/organizing digital photos? Do you have an app that you use? I’m about to be a first time mom and want an easy way to store photos from my phone and print them easily (and on the cheap). Any recommendations?

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Hey Jamie! Google Photos is a great way to store your photos long term. You can’t print them from there, but you could download them to your computer when you’re ready to print them and then upload them to Snapfish to print. Congratulations on your baby and becoming a mom! 🙂

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