If you haven't had a chance to familiarize yourself with the F.A.C.T's on saving, you should take a second to do so! (Click HERE). One of the most important F.A.C.T's is the “t”: TAKE ADVANTAGE. There are so many coupons, sites, events, freebies, deals, and ideas out there; you are truly spending too much and really missing out if you don't TAKE ADVANTAGE of these any chance you get.

I love weekends! They are a great time to TAKE ADVANTAGE of all the fun things that are available to you. I love sharing with you all the fun ways I saved during my weekends (see here, here, here for some examples) and will continue to do so.

This last week/weekend was awesome because it's my birthday month! Thanks to my ULTIMATE List of Bday Freebies we've had extra stuff to take advantage of.
Here's how my week + weekend went this time:

  • Earlier last week we took advantage of THIS free Corner Bakery coupon. (Did you get yours??)
It was delish! We all needed a nap afterward, we were stuffed. 
  • I was able to snag the car one day unexpectedly last week (we only have one right now. UGH.) so I grabbed my little guy and headed to Chipotle to take advantage of my B1G1 Free coupon. My burrito fed me for 2 meals and I took one home to my husband (which fed him for 2 meals). So for $7 we got 4 meals out of it! Woo hoo!
We had a fun little date together.
“Hey, wha'chu lookin' at?”
After lunch we had some time to kill so we ran across the street to the mall. 
Remember THIS amazing shopping spree at Charlotte Russe? [Here's the picture to prove all my loot! Thank goodness for strollers, right?? :D]
Well, I forgot to mention that they gave me $5 gift cards for spending a certain amount (I don't remember how much, I wish I had written it down…). The cards are like cash, no spending limit required! They were only good for 1 week so I was sure to use them up before they expired. I got me some pretty cute stuff for $15 (FREE!) dollars!
After hitting up Charlotte Russe we headed to the kids play area. It's FREE, and my little guy LOVES IT. He took the world's longest nap after because he was so tired.
Remember to take advantage of free places like the library and play places!!
  • On Friday night we took advantage of my birthday freebie to Ihop, since it was across the street from the hockey game we were headed to. (Always remember to keep a notebook of coupons in your car! You never know when you'll need them!)
(Sorry for the horrible cell phone pic)
I'll post about this soon in greater detail, but remember to BE ASSERTIVE and ask, ask, ask for things! I had 1 ihop coupon for a free meal (for my bday) and 1 ihop coupon for a free meal (for signing up for their emails). On the coupon it said “only 1 coupon per transaction” but I simply asked the waitress if we could use them both since we were already there and they were expiring soon. She asked her manager, and guess what?
We got TWO FREE MEALS just for asking!

  • After dinner we used our Groupon Utah passes and took adavantage of the free hockey tickets we got along with the pass.
Once again, BE ASSERTIVE, be brave, and try things! 
Our tickets were two rows from the very back of the stadium (total nose-bleeds). We got to our seats (we were super late to the game, mind you) and noticed all the empty seats in the lower bowl (look closely in the pic, you'll see!). We simply walked down to the lower bowl, sat down in an empty section, and enjoyed 6th row seats! It never hurts to try things, people.
  • On Saturday night my hubby took me out for an early bday celebration. We tried to do a babysitting swap to save money (trading with friends – I'll post about this soon) but no one was available. At least we tried 🙂 So we got a babysitter and headed to Tucanos for dinner. I forgot to take pics, but be sure to sign up for your B1G1 birthday coupon! It's delish!
  • After ice cream (I SWEAR we don't normally eat out this much!! :D) we got our discounted movie tickets and saw the Justin Bieber movie! Since it was 3D it should've cost more than a typical movie, $26 to be exact. However, it was only $9 with our discounted Groupon!
And of course we smuggled in our own snacks to save $$ as well.
***Ok just a side note about the Bieber movie….it. was. awesome. Before you make fun of me (because he's a teenie-bopper, sure, sure) you have to know: it was super entertaining, rated G so it was good clean fun, and it made me respect him and his craft a lot more. Plus the music was good (we were dancing and singing the whole time) and it was fascinating to see the behind the scenes of his concert. I really recommend it, we want to go see it again! Ok, now feel free to make fun of me.***
On Sunday we made a cheap meal using stuff I've been trying to clean out from our freezer (I'll post that recipe on Foodie Tuesday), and took TWO naps to recover from our food-educed weekend coma!
Does that give you some good ideas of how to take advantage of things? See, as a FCF Queen you don't have to give up ANYTHING. In fact, I might've done more this weekend than most people…and it cost me a WHOLE LOT LESS.
How was your weekend?
Happy savings to you 🙂