As I've been promising you for the last week, I have not one, but TWO exciting announcements to share! I'm going to post the second one later today. Unfortunately, no, I still don't know the air date of my TLC episode. Darn it all. But the announcements are still fun. Here's the first…

1)…Time to announce…Frugality Boot Camp 2014!!!

It's true! It's time for our annual FBC! Last year was the biggest and best one yet. We had tons of prizes, great speakers, awesome food, and lots, and lots, and lots of FUN. See all about last year HERE.

This year FBC'14 will be on January 18th in Salt Lake County, Utah (exact location will be announced very soon). See all details on our EventBrite page. Tickets are $49 per person (update: I'm so sorry, that was a total typo. The actual price is $69 per person. That's what I get for not proof reading my stuff!).
If you order before January. Just to be clear, that ticket price doesn't even cover our overhead costs, but thanks to great sponsors {also being announced soon} they cover it for us so we are able to keep the price as low as possible for you.

who would I be if I didn't offer a deal?! 
I'm so excited to announce FBC'14 that for the next 7 days we are running a pre-order special. If you pre-order your tickets between now and Sept 21, tickets are only $29 per person! I promise you, they will never get that low again.

Click HERE to buy now!
Eventbrite - Frugality Boot Camp 2014

Check out our website for photos, and updated info. Once you register, be sure to join our Facebook Group so you can connect with other attendees and get up-to-date announcements and info.

P.S…a quick hint about the next announcement coming up today…
For all of you who are NOT in Utah and want to be part of the FBC'14 experience, my next announcement will knock your socks off.