Amazing deals at Charlotte Russe…clothes for $1.99!

I try not to go shopping for clothes very often (because whenever I do I WILL find cute stuff that is super cheap and IT WILL be hard for me justifying not getting it). However, it was Friday yesterday, my little man was in a good mood, and I felt like hitting up the mall – so I did!

Charlotte Russe is one of my favorite stores. You can typically find great deals there and as long as you take care of the clothes they'll last as long as you need them too.

Yesterday I made a haul! I thought I'd share with you and encourage you to take a look at their clearance racks if you can! Just remember THESE tips, especially the one about TRYING THINGS ON. They are often on clearance because they look bad on the rack.

Here are only a few of my finds.
All of these clothes I got for…wait for it…$1.99 EACH! No joke!
The gray jumper I'll be using as a swimsuit cover up on my family cruise in April.
 These were all 1.99 too!
 …and these…
 And my husband's favorite find? These super cute shoes (I can't wait for summer…) were all $4.99 each!! 

And ready for a spoiler alert??

Remember THIS “it bag” that was featured in magazines? Well I was in such a good mood, and the bag is so cute…I might have gotten one…or a few…to give as GIVEAWAYS sometime soon! Woo hoo!

Thanks Charlotte Russe 🙂
Happy savings – and shopping – to you 🙂

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