This is a great deal on Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil!  This is another Subscribe and Save offer.  You will end up paying $11.66 shipped for 30 oz of Coconut Oil!!

For those of you that don't know much about coconut oil here is a little info. Coconut oil is amazing for food storage because it does go rancid. It has an indefinite shelf life! Contains no trans fats! Unlike hydrogenated vegetable oils, (Crisco) this is a non hydrogenated heart healthy oil! It can be used in recipes that call for butter, shortening, oil, margarine, etc.
It is also great as a moisturizer, a deep conditioner for your hair, it is anti-bacterial and anti-viral so it is great on cuts and scrapes. It lets air flow unlike other oils. I use it on sunburns to take the burn out AND I use it on my kids diaper rashes. It is my go to stuff. For those of you that have seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, coconut oil is my Windex!


Thanks Pinching Your Pennies