Remember how I hate clipping coupons and prefer to save tons-o-mula by price-matching and deal-shopping? Well I thought I'd start sharing the wealth and letting you know when I find a great deal.

At BuyLow market boneless skinless chicken breasts are only $1.39/lb.
The best deal I have ever price-matched prior to this was $1.69, and even that was a great deal.
So here's what you do…
  • Simply go to Walmart and grab a ton of fresh (not frozen) chicken breasts. Make sure they are priced by the pound.
  • Go to the register and say, “Chicken is $1.39/lb at BuyLow this week” and they will match it. That's it! So easy!
    • You could certainly print out the ad if you are nervous about them taking your word for it (click HERE for the ad)
    • Note: They will most times match the price even if you don't have a BuyLow near you! If your checker fights you on it, get out of line and go to a new checker. It won't hurt their feelings, I promise.
  • Or, obviously, you could just drive to BuyLow and buy chicken there if there is one near you.
Now, what do you do with a million pounds of awesomely-priced chicken?
  • Plan your week's meals around it.
    • I keep a huge list of dinner ideas on-hand so I can quickly scan through and get ideas. Click HERE for my uber helpful list.
  • Keep what you need in the fridge, and freeze the rest!
    • Put each chicken breast in a ziplock bag, and freeze them individually. Be sure to write the date on the bag. That way you can grab one or two breasts at a time as you need them, rather than freezing a big bunch of them together. Genius, eh?
    • You can put the individual baggies in a large gallon ziplock for better freezer burn protection.
Aren't you excited to eat some yummy chicken this week??
I am!
Some other great deals that I'm taking advantage of this week:
Corn on the cob: 5 for $1
Avocados: 3 for $1
Green bell peppers: 2lb for $0.99 (make stuffed peppers!)
Mangoes: $0.69ea
Cucumbers: $0.33 ea
Celery: $0.25 ea
Pumpkins: $.10/lb
Fuji Apples: $0.79/lb (make applesauce!)
Russet potatoes: 10lb for $1
Canned tomatoes: $0.49ea (great to have on-hand…can use them in tons of recipes)
Those are just a few of the good deals this week. Check your local grocery ads, or you can use to print your shopping list there.
Happy shopping!