I'm enjoying a bit of a break in good ol' Arizona right now (MAN it's hot here!). My brother got married this last weekend (YAAAAY!) and my husband's entire family (just about) is living down here now so we made it a bit of a vacay for us. BUT…I wanted to take a quick break to fill you in on a (not so) secret place to get great kids clothing.
I get asked semi-regularly where I get my kids' clothes from, and how I manage to get them so cheap. I  have a few go-to sources:

1) Carter's, especially Carter's outlet stores.
2) Yard sales (I score HUGE at yard sales!). But not thrift stores. They are usually overpriced at thrift stores, believe it or not.
3) Hand-me-downs (but sometimes they are pretty thrashed)
4) And believe it or not…I have super secret UNEXPECTED trick….
No joke.
I kept getting compliments on my kids' clothes here in AZ and I was surprised at the reaction I got when I told people where I got them. Thus, I figured I might as well share my wealth with others!
If you buy the Carter's or name-brand items at Walmart, you're not necessarily getting the best deal (because you can only use Carter's coupons at Carter's, for example). But…their Garanimals line is awesome.
Check out Priya's outfit today for example:
I got her this adorable yellow shirt for $4.88, brand new.
These shorts I'm BONKERS over! I want to go back and buy 5 more pair!
They even have cute back pockets.
They are “jegging” material…they LOOK like denim, but are actually super soft and stretchy. This is key because my gorgeous girl is a big of a chub! She has a hard time squeezing into girl clothes because they always run small and tight.
 My son's entire Summer wardrobe is furnished by Walmart. His plaid shorts and most of his t-shirts are all from Walmart. (The blue polo he's wearing in this pic is from Carter's though.)
They have held up for 2 years so far. They fit him great, are super comfortable, and the colors haven't faded one bit.
 One thing I love about Walmart kid clothes is that they run big, but they don't LOOK big on them. My kids tend to be able to wear them for a long time. The material is thick and quality-feeling. In fact, I far prefer Garanimals onesies to Gerber onesies…by a long shot!
 The best part? Almost all of their clothes up to 24 months is less than $5. And even then, most of their clothes up to 5T have the same price-point.
They also have great prices on swim wear and snow gear.
Check out some of  THESE cute girl clothes they have right now:
I'm obsessed with jegging pants. I have them for Priya in multiple colors. They are SO sturdy, soft, and cute!
And I love all THESE boy clothes:

So anyway,
check out the kid section in Walmart the next time your kids are in need of some clothes, you'll be pleasantly surprised I bet! (And no, Walmart didn't sponsor me to say any of this…it's just good ol' honest opinions!)

Happy shopping 🙂