A day in the life.

*Note: I started writing this post before Baby Beck was born. But so far my day is structured basically the same way…but with less sleep now 🙂 I will have to do a new “day in the life” update post soon if anyone is interested!

I have recently been getting a lot of the same type of question:

“Do you take some crazy vitamins to always have so much energy? You're like Superwoman.” “How do you stay so happy all the time?” “I want to do more but feel like I'm barely keeping up. How can I do more?”

And the kicker…

“How do you do it all?”

The questions kept coming, and I didn't really have any answers for them…because I feel like I am NOT doing it all, and am certainly NOT superwoman! However, I know how it feels to look at another woman and wonder,”How does she…” afford all those clothes…produce such well-behaved children…stay so skinny…cook so well…find the time to {blank}…keep her house so clean…have so many friends…whatever it is!
We as humans (myself included) are fascinated with observing other people's lives and comparing them to our own – (hopefully) in hopes of bettering own lives.
Hey, why do you think we all love reality TV, Youtube, and Pinterest so much?

I don't ever want anyone to think that I have it all, do it all, and can be it all…because no one can! We're all human; flawed, unique, and wonderful. That's why I'm such an open book; you can ask me just about ANYTHING and I'll tell you (finances included!)…because I'm not perfect. Heck, I even told you all about how I peed in a diaper! (remember THIS trick that I'm strangely proud of?)

Because of that I wanted to give you a real, raw, look inside my average day

in hopes that A) you'll get to know me better

B) See that I'm an average person with no super powers

C) it will answer your questions about my day-to-day life,
D) Maybe something in my routine will somehow help you in YOUR daily life…(or will at least make you feel better about the fact that your house is most likely cleaner than mine…)


Because, while my life isn't perfect, I am undeniably, irrevocably, unquestionably, unapologetically, and trulyHAPPY.

So here you go! This post is about the simple LOGISTICS of my day. I will follow up soon enough with another post about how I learned to be truly happy, and how it took a bit of a rough road for me to arrive at true happiness.
Be excited for that one 🙂

Now, one thing to note is that right now I have a 3 year old and an 18 month old. Our schedule will undoubtably change a bit when A) baby #3 arrives, B) as the kids get older, and C) even as the seasons change. But for now, this is our routine and it works great!

So, without further adieu I present to you:

There are two things you should know about me before I begin.
1) I take pride in a routine. I have learned the hard way that life is not only better, but just plain easier  when a routine is involved. I get more done in my day, feel organized, avoid feeling frazzled, flustered, or overwhelmed, and it gives me direction in my day. It's amazing how much time can be wasted when you don't have anything on your to-do list!
2) I am a self-proclaimed efficiency nazi. I talk fast, walk fast, and try to work fast. I am CONSTANTLY looking for the most efficient way of doing…well…anything. You'll see a lot of this coming out in my routine. I'm not even close to being a perfectionist (never have been, never will be) but I believe in the power of efficiency and multi-tasking; getting as much done as possible, with the least amount of work.
That being said, here we go!
Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a morning person. I'm not necessarily a monster or anything, I just hate HATE getting up early, and regularly say I'm allergic to mornings. (With good reason! True story…if I have to wake up insanely early [like 4 or 5am] I often times throw up when brushing my teeth.)
My son, Hutch (just turned 3) has always woken up at 7:22. (Random, but true.) Then it was 7. Then 6:45. Once 6:30 and earlier hit Mama had to do something about it because it was ROCKING MY WORLD (in a bad way) during this pregnancy.
We bought him a digital clock, taught him how to read it, and now he can't come downstairs until 7. I often times hear him up at 6:30 (or earlier), reading books or talking to himself in his room. At 7:01 on the dot he pitter-patters downstairs and comes into my room…
…whereupon he finds me super sexy like this.
Nope. I have no pride any more, folks.
If I had a rough night of sleep (thanks to being 38 weeks pregnant…) or if I'm simply having trouble wanting to wake up that morning, either my husband or I will turn on the TV for him, give him a cup of milk and a blanket (and sometimes the iPad which makes him happy as pie), and will go back to bed until Priya (18 months) wakes up; usually any time between 7-8.
Lazy parenting? Possibly…
…but we are all happy and sometimes Mama gets up to an extra hour of sleep.
Happy wife happy life, right?

This extra morning snooze won't last forever (I feel like my excuse ends when my pregnancy does) but for right now it's really been great. If I can't fall back asleep (or if I need to get up early that day) then I just get up with Hutch and get started with my day.

Often times Bubba, my entrepreneur of a hubby (creator and owner of Launch Leads) is up and out by 7:30. Today he was able to sleep in a bit, and enjoyed some snuggle time with our little guy.
Unless Bubba has to leave extra early that day, I get on my snow gear and walk mine and my neighbor's dog while Bubba gets ready and keeps an eye on the kids.
My neighbor and I trade off walking each other's dog. It's been a LIFE SAVER! We try to trade off every-other morning. It's much harder to do in the winter with all the snow, so we just do it whenever we can right now. My dear neighbor has picked up way more walking days than me lately because she feels bad for me that I'm so pregnant. Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold!
I have dog duty in the mornings, Bubba walks the dogs every night. He definitely gets the shorter end of the stick. Sorry babe!
Random note…
One thing to know about me is that my bedroom is ALWAYS (at least slightly) messy. Always. No matter how hard I try to keep it tidy, it always ends up collecting piles in random places. It's mostly because I prefer to focus my time on cleaning the main rooms of our house; rooms that people live in and see.
However, I am a bed-maker. I loved a made bed and will even make it before getting into it to go to sleep. I feel like if the bed is made, it makes the room at least feel cleaner, and it makes it easier to set stuff on the bed vs the floor. Today my hubby made the bed for me. Not super pretty, but it works 🙂
…here's my version 🙂
Priya is awake by 8 usually, so I feed the kiddos as soon as she wakes up. On days when I don't have Hutch watch TV/play on the ipad I will let the kids watch TV while eating (as long as he has earned it on his behavior chart). As much as I hate them watching TV (I feel like it fries their little brains), I actually don't mind the breakfast TV-watching as much because:
A) they tend to eat a much better breakfast, and
B) they are content while eating which allows me to multi-task (get ready for the day, get myself fed, clean the kitchen breakfast mess, etc.).

The shows they can watch in the morning are either Curious George, Super Why, Word World, Sesame Street, orCat in the Hat (which I hate but they seem to like for whatever reason). Call me crazy, but I feel like if they are going to watch TV might as well make it educational.

When the kids are done eating they play. If they want to play in the playroom upstairs, I get ready in my bedroom (next door to the play room). If they want to play in the basement, I pack a bag with all my stuff (and theirs) and get ready downstairs.

Our basement is our “fun-zone”. It is 100% kid-friendly. I have relinquished all control of the basement in terms of it looking beautiful, sophisticated, and decorated…and I totally ok with it.
Yes, it often times looks this crazy. Yes, there are always graham crackers smashed everywhere – no matter how often I vacuum. And yes, that is a 15ft bouncy house in my kitchen! (Get the story on that one HERE).
The kids love the bouncy house and have a blast. I hope they don't get bored of it soon; it'll be a nice distraction for them when baby #3 comes!
It's even fun before it's inflated all the way 🙂
I get ready for the day while they run absolutely wild.

Even on days where I know we won't be leaving the house, I try to get fully ready for the day – every day. It only takes a few seconds to throw on jeans, a simple shirt, and do something quick with my hair and makeup. It not only makes me feel better but I have learned “never say never!”. You may THINK you won't see anyone/go anywhere that day, but sometimes plans change – and it's nice to be ready for the day, just in case.

I mean, come on, we don't want the world to see me like this ALL the time now, do we?
Here's how I get ready:
Step 1: Shower at night.
I have showered at night for as long as I can remember. Why? The kids are in bed (so I can take as long as I want), I have to wash my face and hands anyway (so that's practically like bathing, right? :)), and my hair can dry while I'm sleeping which makes getting ready in the morning MUCH quicker (efficiency nazi, remember?). I only wash my hair every-other day. Utah is SUPER dry and I can even go 3 days if needed.
Step 2: Get dressed.
I ALWAYS get dressed first. That way if I get busy with my kids and can't finish, at least I'm out of my jammies. See a peek inside my closet and a look at how I shop HERE
Dressed? Check. 
Feeling better already. 
Step 3: Do my hair.

I always do my hair before I do my makeup. It's easy for me to do my makeup while on-the-go (even in the car at red lights…naughty, but necessary at times). But my hair? Not easy on-the-go…at all! Plus, when your hair is done you tend to wear less makeup! True story. I'm guessing it's because you get that “finished” look sooner. Orsomething.
I usually wear my hair down because then my “do” lasts for 2 days. There's that efficiency nazi again…
Here's how I do my hair on a typical day…in 10 minutes or less:
I take a minute or two to straighten my outermost layer of hair. It not only makes the end result look better, but also makes it easier to work with. Going to bed with wet hair and lead to some crazy kinks!
Once straight, I then…
(this day I did a crappy job on my hair and took horrible pics, so I took additional pictures a few days later and included them below…)

1. I do quick “upside-down” curls all the way around my head. I go for quick and imperfect. Tip: When your curl, have your curls turn away from your face. It creates a better “frame”.

2. I go around the crown of my head and curl some of my shorter layers to add some variety.

3. As you can see in this pic, there are places I missed. I go back and quickly curl those blank places.

4. Leave it alone and move onto makeup! By the time my makeup is done it's relaxed and become lose curls, the look I'm going for.

5. I usually tease the hair on the very top of my head to add some body and lift. I grab a section of hair on the top of my head, spray it with hairspray, then tease it with my brush.  (Hard to take pictures one-handed, sorry!)

I grab a section, tease it,
 and keep going around the crown of my head.
 It's a big ol' mess when I'm done.
 Smooth the top layer out with a comb, do a quick once-over with aerosol hairspray, and voila!
I forgot to take a picture of the finished product the day I took pictures for this post, so here are some other examples of the finished product:


Step 4: Do my makeup
My mom was a great example to me. No matter what day it was, no matter what she planned to do that day, she always took the time to do her hair and makeup…even if it was 4pm because she had been working in the yard all day. I learned that getting ready for the day doesn't have to take much time, but makes you feel great and allows you the freedom to be out and about at a moment's notice. Plus, I'm sure it makes my husband happy…though he'd never say it out loud 🙂

Thus, I rarely go a day without putting any makeup on. Over time I have found that if I'm going to take time to put any on at all, it's worth it to take 5 extra minutes and do the whole she-bang! I have mastered being able to do makeup in less than 10 minutes (it's usually more like 5) so I hunker down, do it, and I'm DONE for the rest of the day.

Plus, you have to admit, mine is not exactly a face that is lucky enough to look very good without makeup on. There's nothing wrong with that…that's why God invented mascara, right?! 🙂
Click HERE for a full video tutorial on how I do my makeup.

Makeup? Check.
Ahh, much better…
and it only took me 7 minutes!
…but it only took me that long because I was eating my breakfast while doing it.
There's that multi-tasking again.
My hot hubby came down to say goodbye before heading to work. I LOVE the days when he can hang out with us for a bit in the mornings!
Bubba usually has lunch meetings so he eats out a lot for work. When he doesn't have a meeting, he brown-bags it and packs a lunch. He's amazing at eating leftovers. I ran upstairs and quickly packed him some leftoverTurkey Soup for work. I am OCD about reusing everything, so I run to my supply of to-go bowls from restaurants and find him the perfect container from Olive Garden!
It's great because then he doesn't have to stress about bringing the container home.
After saying adios to the hubster, it's time to get my kids ready. Let me tell you, this girl's wild locks are NOT easy to tame!
I use some spray detangler, comb it out, toss some pig-tails in, and she's ready to rock.
For Hutch's hair, I use lotion (remember THIS tip from way back when?).

Mondays Hutch has Gymnastics, Tues/Thurs he has preschool. Otherwise whether it's a doctor's appointment (I always schedule them for the mornings), running errands, going to play somewhere/meeting up for a playdate, going on a walk with the dog or going to a park (when the weather is nice), or even just having a friend over to play, I always try to have something to do with the kids in the morning. It gets us all up and going, gets us out of the house during a predictable time of day (afternoon naps can be unpredictable at times), and simply entertains the kids.

Today is gymnastics day so we load up. It always takes us 15+ minutes to get out of the house…and we are always late. Always. No matter how hard I try. Always.
Priya, our resident Diva, hates the car. Our rides are almost always filled with a lot of this:
Fun, right?
To help curb the tantrums in the car I have two life-savers that I always keep around:
1) A basket of toys that sits between their seats (and I try to rotate the toys occasionally)
(old pic, sorry)
2) A bag of snacks. It always stays in the car and is filled with little baggies and containers of snacks. I will hand them the bag and let them choose whatever they want.
(Also an old pic. I now have an actual reusable shopping bag filled with snacks since there's two kids eating out of it now; this basket wasn't quite big enough any more 🙂 But you get the idea.)
See more of my car survival tips HERE and HERE.
Hutch had a great time at gymnastics,
…and I try to keep my wild 18 month old entertained with snacks and toys.
After gymnastics we headed to a nearby McDonalds for a playdate with one of Hutch's best little buddies. But let's be honest, it was mainly for us mommies to have some girl time 🙂
We swung through the Wendy's drive through on the way to McD's because I like their dollar menu better…so yes, I smuggled Wendy's into McD's!
Naughty… 😉
I was pretty impressed with this particular play-place. And yes, my daughter is dipping her fry into her frosty.Like mother, like daughter.
By the time we're done at McDonalds, it's long after 12 and there's a whole lot of this on the drive home:

By 12:30 my kids have completely lost it. I get home from whatever I'm doing, feed them lunch (if I haven't already), and get them to bed…STAT! I usually have them down for naps between 12 and 1, but as they get older I can push it off a little if we're out having lots of fun. BUT…tantrums usually ensue the longer I wait, so I am pretty rigid with honoring nap time.

My kids have quite the predictable routine with their naps: We wash their hands and brush their teeth, Hutch uses the potty, they each have their special blankets, Priya gets a bottle and Hutch gets a sippy cup of milk, and they turn on their little white noise machine thingies (see below). BUT…because of the steady routine I've had for them basically since birth, they are still pretty darn good nappers. They will sleep 2-3 hours on most days. If I miss something in the routine, it's inevitable that they won't sleep as well. So I've learned to do it right, and do it once!

Once I shut their doors I breathe a slight sigh of relief because I know I get the next few hours to myself. However, I inevitably come downstairs to this:
…disaster zone.
Aside from trying to pick up/put things away as I go (not very well some days…) I really only clean up 2x per day:
1) during nap time,
 2) after the kids are in bed.
Anything other than that is a waste of time because they create messes faster than I can keep up with!
Once the kids are down I do a “blitz clean” as I call it. I try to clean as much as I can, as fast as I can so I can have the rest of the time to myself. I usually clean up the kitchen from lunch (and even breakfast), will do mylaundry basket cleaning trick to pick up all the toys, and will switch over the laundry or try to cross something off my deep-cleaning list.
I almost always turn on my beloved Roomba vacuum to help suck up the inevitable crumbs and dog hair that multiply exponentially.
To me, it's SUCH an efficient use of time to let this little guy work while I do something else. It doesn't replace the deep-sucking action of my Dyson, but it does a good job of keeping the surfaces pretty clean from day to day. It was my one Christmas gift from last year (I had everyone contribute cash instead of gifts so I could get it) and it's the greatest invention. Like, ever. This year I got the Scooba and am enjoying that baby too!
I let the Roomba do it's job and I usually either
1) take a nap (usually a few days per week this pregnancy!), or
2) work on the computer.
Sometimes I try to do both.
What I do with my time during naps has been a challenge for me this pregnancy. I am SO EXHAUSTED and am not always the nicest wife/mommy when I'm sleep-deprived, so naps are important (and highly encouraged by my husband especially :)). I actually sleep better during the day napping than I do at night lately, so even an hour makes a huge difference in my day.
(Plus, I'm an incredible night-owl and go to bed waaaay too late, no matter how hard I try to go to bed at a decent hour…)

However, taking care of myself often times means my blog gets put on the back-burner, which makes me feel a little anxious and even guilty. Ever since Hutch's near drowning experience last summer I have made a hard, fast rule to be present when my kids are awake. Thus, NO COMPUTER and NO TV for me unless they are asleep. It has really helped me focus as a mom and keep my priorities in order…making THEM my priority, of course.
I'm not perfect at it (my phone is still such a temptation), but I really find that when I make my day about my kids, then it makes for a happier, healthier, more cohesive family…which is ultimately what I'm put on this earth to do!
Is there any job more important?
On this particular day I forego the nap and work on a post.
 I arm myself with a snack and video monitor at the computer (so I can spy on my kids) and get to work.

I hate self-shots.
A few hours later Hutch wakes up. He usually takes some time to “come-to” after a nap (meaning he wakes up pretty sensitive and even a bit cranky most days…wonder who he gets that from…). I've learned to succumb to this fact rather than fight it, so I let him have some milk, a snack, and watch part of a movie (usually non-educational, something recorded on the DVR like a Disney movie) for about 30 minutes or until Priya wakes up . By that time he's rested, recouped, and pleasant to be around the rest of the day.
Gotta do what works, sometimes!
Many times I will come and sit by him on the couch and do emails on my phone, fold laundry, go through my pile of mail, or whatever kind of simple task that can be done sitting next to him. There's the multi-tasking again!
Or, if I have a big deadline coming up for a TV segment or post and I'm not done, I'll try to finish it while he's watching his movie and will stop when Priya wakes up. Yes, this breaks my “no computer when the kids are awake” rule, so I try not to do it all the time.
When Priya wakes up I go upstairs to get her. I heard a saying “never leave a room empty-handed” and I try to follow that as much as possible. I usually have a laundry basket on the stairs of things that need to be put away upstairs from my Blitz Clean, so I take it up with me when I grab Priya.
It may take me up to a few days to put everything away and bring the basket back down, but hey, at least it makes it upstairs!
Unlike her brother, Priya wakes up happy, smiling, and chipper as pie.
She's hilarious 🙂
On this particular day a neighbor asked if Hutch could play for an hour, so I took him a few houses down while Priya was sleeping. So she and I got a little rare one-on-one time.
I got her a snack and hung out on the floor with her, folding laundry.
That worked for about 5 minutes…then she wanted to help. And my, what a good helper she is!
Priya helped me drive to our neighbor's house to pick up Hutch.
hmm…legal, kinda.

Some days we'll do a late afternoon activity together out of the house (we love the Aquarium in the late-afternoon because it's nearly empty!), but most days I just have the kids play together while I get dinner ready. This time varies, depending on what time they go down for naps (and some days they simply sleep longer than others). But It's usually 3:30 or 4 by this time.

Today I let them play independently so I can get dinner ready. Some days they totally entertain each other and play great, and dinner is a breeze. Some days, however, they fight non-stop, or they wander into the kitchen incessantly and really slow down the cooking process. Today happened to be a GOOD play-day (thank goodness!)

Dinner prep in my house is usually pretty simple, because I only cook a few times per week. When I cook I make big portions so we can eat it as leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day (or even two days), or I double a recipe and freeze 1/2. Sometimes I'll cook 2 days in a row and we rotate the leftovers for the rest of the week. Many days my hubby has lunch appointments, eats a big lunch at a restaurant, and isn't hungry for dinner. I always ask him in the mornings, “do you have a lunch apt today?” so I know whether I should cook or not. When I'm cooking for just me and the kids in that case, I keep things pretty simple…as simple as quesadillas orspaghetti with jar pasta sauce some nights!

Click HERE for lots of meal planning ideas, and free printables to help.

My hubby is usually home by 6 for dinner, but tonight he had some late meetings so it was just me and the kiddos. We always bless the food before eating (usually one of the kids says it, Priya basically repeating what I tell her to say), then almost always turn on the radio in the kitchen and dance during dinner. It's tradition, but is also a way to keep the kids happy so they don't completely melt down during dinner (which is highly likely otherwise).

It's inevitable that they are complete crusty disasters by the end of dinner. I often times have to strip Priya down right there in the kitchen, her clothes are so messy (yes, even with a bib!).
At 6:30 I take the kids straight to the tub – one of their favorite activities of the day. We try to have them out, dressed, and in bed by 7pm. It may seem early to some, but my kids are EXHAUSTED by 7 and very ready for bed. Plus, by putting them to bed so early it allows us to have the rest of the night to get things done and spend quality ADULT time together. We try to be pretty strict about bedtime because it really doesn't do anyone any favors otherwise!
Once they are in bed I head downstairs and start cleaning up (the 2nd time per day that I really take time to clean, if you recall). My sink typically looks like this:
The pile is either from dinner alone, or a compilation of dishes throughout the day that I didn't feel like taking care of on the spot. In all reality the dishes often pile up because my #1 most dreaded chore in the universe is emptying the dishwasher. I HATE IT! Not really sure why, but I procrastinate doing it…thus, the Mt Rushmore of dishes.
When Bubba is home he and I tag-team getting the kids ready for bed (because it really is a 2-person job ideally! It's absolute chaos most nights…), but once they are in bed I usually start on cleaning the kitchen while my hubby walks the dog. It works out well because I can turn the TV in the other room and catch up on a show while I do the dishes.
It's a nice unwinding time for me…that doesn't involve Word World or Curious George.
Staying until the kitchen is 100% clean is hard for me to do many nights. For one, I'm exhausted from a long day and would rather sit my big fanny on the couch and relax, and secondly I feel like 90% of my day is cleaning up messes and I'm simply tired of it.
I've learned the value of staying until the job is done. One of my best friends, Shannon, who is the most  organized, clean, and amazing put-together person you've ever seen once said, “I can't go to bed with a messy kitchen because then you just wake up the next morning already in the hole.” That has stuck with me, because it's so true! Thus, I really try to pick up the house and make sure everything is done in the kitchen before going to bed.
It's habit of mine to give my counters a good once-over wiping with vinegar-water as a final step to disinfect them, and give them a good shine. There's something very satisfying about shiny counter tops, I've decided.
Hey, it's the little things. 
Once the kitchen is done and the house is picked up, I might rotate a load of laundry and have it washing/drying while I relax/work for the night.

Before, this is the time I would finish my deep cleaning chore for the day (see HERE). However, I now need this time at night to work on my blog. So I found a way to make a little money from my blog, and we have set a budget for cleaning ladies to come deep-clean my house 1x per month. Let me tell you, it's the BEST $100 I spend in a month. It really frees me up to be able to surface clean and not stress about the deep-cleaning, and allows me to use my time to focus on my blog – which is a revenue source for our family. Priorities!

Some nights I'll bring my computer to the living room so I can work and watch TV at the same time, rather than sitting all by my lonesome in the kitchen.

Man, I need a laptop…
An interesting fact about me is that…I actually HATE being on the computer. I am a procrastinator BIG TIME, especially with emails. I just feel like I'm stuck in a cave when I'm at my computer! So being able to work in the living room, sitting next to my hubby with the TV on, makes it much more enjoyable for me.
And tonight, I treat myself to a heaping bowlful of peppermint ice cream for surviving all the tantrums from the day.
As I mentioned before, I am a chronic night-owl and go to bed far too late most days. We hit the sack usually between 11-12 (sometimes later, but that tends to sting the next day!)…
… and it starts all over again the next day!

So that's my day!
In going back and reading through this a few thoughts pop into my head that I want to go ahead and address before any negative comments roll in 🙂 I could see people saying:

1) “Your day SOUNDS really simple…easy, almost. What's the big deal?”
Yes, I agree with you. Reading the words, it sounds like a simple, cushy, even easy life! But trust me…though my day is simple, it's certainly not EASY. Having all my kids 18 months apart makes for, well, absolute chaos most of the time. I have moments almost daily where I think, “If I had cameras following me right now, this would make for some great reality TV…”. It's a physically demanding, exhausting day because my kids are so young. I'm carrying them, playing with them, lifting them, and doing nearly everything with or for them. It's also emotionally exhausting to try to be patient all day long with such little, needy people well…needing me all day! Good thing they are so stinking adorable…
2) I'm human.
So just know that while I have a rigid schedule and try to be organized in my day, things rarely go according to plan and things rarely, no never go perfectly. Take this post, for example. My plan was to have this done on Feb 23, BEFORE baby #3 was born. Now? He's 2 weeks old and this post STILL isn't done! My kitchen is a disaster, I got nothing done that I needed to today, I lost my patience with my kids more times than I could count, and I ate an entire bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs tonight. I have my grumpy days, my unproductive days, my lazy spells, my “let the kids watch two movies back to back so I can have a moment of peace” days,

BUT…I love my “job” as a mom. It's the best job in the world, and there are no amount of tantrums, sleep-deprived nights, stretch marks, or headaches that will ever take away my passion and love for my kids. WHEEW! So there you go!

How was YOUR day today?


  1. Avatarlinsey says

    I say wow! You seem to be an amazing mother, wife and person! I aspire to be like you when I have kids. Watching my sisters with there kids.. a little structure seems like the way to go.. the kids know what to expect and most importantly.. they dont get bored around the house and start acting out because of it. Thank you so much for all of your useful tips.. now i have like 4 of your previous posts that you refrenced that i must go read! 🙂 thanks again!

  2. AvatarAshley says

    This post is so great. It gives me an idea of how I want to have a schedule of some sort for my family. I am interested in your new routine with your new baby though. I have a two year old and 6 week old twin babies and no schedule whatsoever and it's driving everyone off the wall. I clearly need help.

  3. AvatarCammie says

    You're morning routine cracked me up. I miss those mornings when we could play so much. Once the kids started school our morning routine was thrown out the window. I don't like to drop my kids off looking like I just rolled out of bed so I must wake up at 6 now. It's tragic.
    You girls with straight hair are lucky! There is no way I could shower and let my hair dry as I slept…that would result in a crazy tangled mess.

  4. AvatarKatie says

    Wow Jordan! I don't think anyone will say your "job" is easy. I was exhuasted just reading your post. I defintely learned a lot though! Thanks for sharing!

  5. AvatarRebecca says

    I know exactly how you feel. I have 3 kids ages 5, 3, and 2. My oldest has been home all week with a fever and my youngest also has been having fevers 🙁 After reading about your day it makes me feel better about how my day goes. It's never easy being a parent and trying to be patient all the time and to keep the kids entertained, especially when your spouse is at work all day! You seem to be an amazing mom and I appreciate all that you do 🙂

  6. Avatarwearetheandrewsfamily says

    I enjoyed reading this so much! Thanks for being so candid and honest. As a momma myself, I appreciated it.

  7. Avatarmaria says

    Thank you for sharing. I am also an efficiency nazi and it drives my husband crazy. (He has no concept of time) And because I'm a preschool teacher, I am all about the routines. I just tell him that he'll appreciate it more when we have kids.
    You also inspired me to attempt to "get ready" on the days I plan to be at home. I don't do it in order to avoid having an extra outfit to wash and to make my makeup last longer, but you're right, even if your husband won't say it outloud, I'm sure he loves it! What a small sacrifice in order to show love to your husband by being looking like the beautiful wife he's proud to show off.

  8. AvatarSteph says

    I have just starting reading your post and I am a complete failure at getting out of my jammies and even doing my hair or makeup. I would love to adopt this routine but I have one question. Do you ever work-out and if so when do you do it? At night before you take your shower?

  9. AvatarAshlie says

    Can I just say-Thank YOU?! I can completely relate-I have two kiddos 17 months apart and I thought I was the only one who felt overwhelmed-but being a SAHM is tough nuggets-right? I've usually worked and I've had to learn to have routine or go crazy and crazy usually happens but we're all still trying to get it right. Congrats on your new baby!. Love love love! your blog and makes me (almost) want to stop procrastinating and post on mine :). One day..
    Much love,

  10. AvatarStacie says

    This is so completely and totally me! I have three kids ages 4, 3, and a new 6 week old baby. There are some days where I feel so utterly exhausted and out of my mind! Like my house is never completely clean, no matter how hard I try or how long I go at it. You make some great points about when you do your posts and getting ready everyday just because. With my newest addition being so young, our routine was thrown out of whack, but as he sleeps more and trying to establish day/night time with him, we are slowly getting into a new routine and I get in a nap sometimes two (one midday and the other after my older 2 have gone to bed ) If I'm lucky. I now add in a"school time" after lunch. We also do art and read later on and they love it!! I'll have them color/ paint/ read when they don't want to jump around and play with their toys. It helps when my attention needs to be on the little man. Sometimes I feel like there is so much more that I need to do/ should be doing every day. It's so hard to find the balance between each child and your needs. I'm glad I found your blog!! I know I'm not alone now!! 🙂 Keep up the good work with your kids!

  11. AvatarJessica Havican says

    I love it! Sounds so much like me. I can't eat breakfast before the sun rises…it makes me nauseous. Forget brushing my teeth! I got extremely lucky that my kids sleep in until anywhere from 7:30-8:30 and sometimes even 9. And they are sound asleep between 8-9 at night. I hope all is well with your new little one. I'm sure your schedule is looking a little bit different with the third one right now. 😉

  12. Avatarfuncheaporfree says

    WOW! Guys, sorry about the technical difficulties! Blogger is being wacko. First it removed the post from my blog, then it deleted 3/4 of the post's content! I have re-posted it, I hope the links and pictures work. Let me know if there are still issues, thanks for your patience!

  13. Avatartracyg says

    Thank you for sharing your routine. The one reason why I vow to never be a full-time SAHM is because I need an intellectually challenging and interesting career. I think my brain would turn to mush having to cook and clean all day long, it just sounds boring and lonely! What will you do when all your kids are grown up and gone? It's important to not lose your professional identity just because you have children. I think I would get so depressed without a job that allows me to interact with other professional, ambitious adults. I'm always wanting to make sure I'm "sitting at the table" when it comes to moving up the ladder professionally. I think being a SAHM would make me lose out on the career I've worked so hard to get to at this point.

  14. Avatarfuncheaporfree says

    Thanks for sharing your opinion, Tracy! That's great that you've found what works for you. I definitely see where you're coming from. However, I have to respectfully disagree wholeheartedly with you. I chose to leave my corporate career and be a SAHM…and I have never been so challenged in my life! I am on my toes day after day, and have the eternal gratification and satisfaction of knowing that I am the only one raising my children – not daycare, babysitters, or family members. That's a lot of pressure, but so exhilarating! Also, it's a gross misconception that becoming a SAHM means the end of \”all things productive\”. I run a successful blog, am an entrepreneur on the side, an exclusive TV contributor, and a national TV spokesperson for Candle Warmers, etc. a company that was on the inc1000 list. I have never been busier, more successful, or HAPPIER than when I became a SAHM. And really, what it comes down to, is you could have all the success, money, and clout in the world. But really, can you take any of that with you? When we leave this life all we will have is our family, and the legacy we leave behind with our family. I don't know about you, but that seems to take priority over any corporate title in my book! So thank you for your opinion and for sharing, I love learning how others view the world! But I have to say that, in my book anyway, my title of SAHM is just about the most important one I could ever have.

  15. AvatarAmber says

    I also would like to know about your exercise routine–it is hard to find time to exercise, and I could use some ideas 🙂

  16. Avatarbrowneyedgirlkellylynn says

    Still amazing as you are….You have had the opportunities you have had, how did you get the tv opportunity? You have a wonderful husband at your side and gorgeous children and you still have hair in your head!! I would say with just those three things..that in themselves is worth themselves their weight in gold…lol..But, seriously…I am a mother of a 13 year old and now a bright eyed 18 month old wild girl and she keeps me on my toes to say the least..I suffer from several disabilities..tho some are way worse off than me, I have had 2 back surgeries..Please check my blog at http://nevercryoverspilledmilk.com…I think your an amazing mother and more importantly.. an amazing woman…keep up the great work…If I could be half the woman you are.. I would be just so blessed!!!

    Kelly Lynn
    My recent post I am plugging along!!!

  17. AvatarMackenzye says

    Thanks for sharing! My "getting ready" routine in the morning became so much easier when I discovered jumbo hot rollers! It takes under a minute to roll my hair up in them and while they are in I get dressed, do make up, brush my teeth, etc. , and 20 or so minutes later, I unroll them for long, loose curls. This is great since I am also a night shower-er 🙂 They are also way easier on the hair than a curling iron, which totally fries the ends of my hair.

  18. AvatarChelsea says

    I can’t tell you how much this blog post helped me. I have been beating myself up over thinking that somehow I must be the worst stay at home mom ever because what I see everywhere else is a neat and tidy house and happy smiling kids with beautiful outfits and moms looking fabulous with a smile. Don’t get me wrong, you look fabulous which is a great tip by the way to get ready everyday, but by golly finally someone who is open and honest about the way it really is. This helps me to tell myself that “it’s okay” and that I don’t need to have some ridiculous expectation of myself or my kids when it comes to being a SAHM. Heck, I have three kids ages 5, 3, and 20 months and currently preggo with TWINS! It just isn’t realistic and you my dear just set me free. God bless! Love the site 🙂
    Chelsea recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Chelsea, thanks so much for the feedback and for taking the time to comment! TWINS! And your oldest is 5! You are my hero. Best of luck with you and your family, what blessings! XOXO

  19. AvatarLauren says

    Hi Jordan, I love reading through your website. I have a 19 month old and my husband and I would like to have another child soon. It really helps me to see what a typical day is like for another mom because having my daughter turned my life upside down (but in a good way!). Most days I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing and can’t seem to get anything done, but I’m pretty sure it’s because my daughter does not sleep well at all, so hopefully it’s not all my fault lol. Every day she wakes up at 5:00 am or before. Then her afternoon nap is an hour and a half if I am lucky. I usually need a nap everyday too because she gets me up so early. Bed time is 8:00 pm. I’ve tried my hardest to get her to sleep more but to no avail. Hopefully our next child will sleep a little better, if not, that will likely be our last! Anyway, thanks for all the tips and tricks. They make life easier!!!

  20. AvatarTia Hobson says

    I loved reading this today. I’m a mum of two. I’m trying to create a routine. Love your real, down to earth post! Love the advice to do something each day.

    Do you still have the jumping castle!? Epic.

    What are your go-to car snacks? For the kids haha



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