A few random facts about a Frugality Blogger

Whoa, am I late in posting this or what? Technically it's still Monday so I'm in the clear. I wanted to pop in quickly with a special St. Patty's Day edition of About Me Monday, where we take a little time to get to know each other a little better! In honor of the cute little green guys with beards and curly shoes, today I thought we should share some of our favorite GREEN things! Here are some of mine:

  • Oregon. Can't get any greener, hippie-er, or awesomer. The scenery in the land where I grew up is unreal.
  • Martha Stewart Green. It's such a lovely color! It's neutral, cool, and goes with just about anything. It's the color of my kitchen backsplash and even though it was there when we moved in the house, I love it and probably would have picked it out anyway.

martha stewart green

  • Mint Oreos. That green center gets me every time.
  • My green leather Oprah keychain. It brings back memories of the best trip ever to the Oprah show with one of my best friends ever (maybe I'll tell you that story for an About Me Monday, eh?), and I admire Oprah for always knowing what she believes and standing up for it (more on her soon), and it's worn from years of adventures and good use. Plus it's just super cute.

Oprah keychain

  • Guacamole. I like it a little chunky, with a little kick, with lots of lime. Can't be beat. Speaking of lime…
  • True Lime. This was introduced to me by a great friend (you know who you are) and I'm UHDIKTED! It's soooo good. It's pure, crystalized lime that you sprinkle on…well…everything! I used to keep lime juice in my fridge, but this takes the cake. I put it on my guac, salsa, tacos, rice, ice cream, cereal, pizza…ok not really. But the first two, absolutely! Totally worth the purchase.

true lime




Those are a few of my favorite green things, what are yours??