About Me Monday – 3 random things you probably didn’t know about me

A few random facts about a Frugality Blogger

Mondays are a weird blogging day for me. If I wasn't a one-man show (changing soon though, so exciting!) and if I had more hours in the day (not changing soon, boooooo…) I would be the type of blogger to write 201 posts in advance and have them neatly organized and scheduled to post for the next 5 years. But I'm not. And I don't. So here I am…each monday, with nothing pertinent lined up (hopefully changing soon too!).

I believe Sundays are sacred and don't work on Sundays, including blogging and even checking work emails (yes, it's tough). So I'm going to use those Mondays that don't have any scheduled posts to tell you a few things about…well…me! Feel free to email me with questions and I'll answer them on those days, otherwise I'll offer you up some random nuggets so we can get to know each other a little better (and hopefully not make you love me any less…haha!). Here goes!…

1. I refuse to drink the last 1/2 inch of a drink.

Consider me Bo from the movie Signs. I'm really picky about my water (as explained in part HERE). Even if I'm the only one to ever drink out of my drink, I still will RARELY EVER finish the whole thing. Water bottle, cup, glass, pitcher, or hose, I will always leave the last bit of drink in there. Why? Not sure, I'm just neurotic. But mostly because I know that's where all the foaties, back wash, and slobber hang out so I want no part of it.

2. I have huge feet.

I wear a solid 11 in women's (and have since I was basically 3 years old…or so it feels like to me…). If that's not bad enough, my feet are bricks. They are heavy, bulky, thick, and wide. Sexy, right?Ā Interestingly enough, I have an easier time finding and fitting into high heels than I do flats, so that's part of the reason why you rarely ever see me without some form of heel on. The good news? If any store carries a 10 or 11, then they are almost always on sale because no one wants them.

3. I not-so-secretly want 12 kids.

Though I've been blessed with the ability to get pregnant pretty easily (so far *knock on wood*) being pregnant isn't the easiest or more pleasant thing in the world for me. If I didn't have to physically be pregnant 12 times, I would for sure want 12 kids. Blame it on the movie Cheaper by the Dozen (the Hilary Duff version, of course…). The loving chaos looks so warm and realistic and charming to me, I would love to have my own football team! And between you and me, I would be fine if it was 11 boys and Priya. #GirlsAreHard. Realistically, my body won't hold out through many more pregnancies…so I'm secretly hoping for quints the next time I get pregnant. šŸ˜‰

Anything you want to know? Leave a comment and ask, or email me. Happy Monday!




    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      It’s a blessing and curse, isn’t it? Blessing for sale-price only, curse for just about everything else.

  1. AvatarSamantha says

    Jordan, I’m glad you don’t write 201 posts in advance or too many a day because since I just found you like over 2 weeks ago, I’m spending almost every waking moment lol trying to get caught up on ALL your post from the last, how many years, 4? Woah!!! It’s tough!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Haha! Well, don’t read back too far, my old posts are an absolute mess. Mostly from my having no idea what I was doing even 2 years ago, and also because when we switched the site over from Blogger to WordPress and launched the new redesign in November it messed up all the old formatting on all my old posts. Doh! Chipping away at cleaning them up, though. Thanks so much for reading!

  2. AvatarKelly-lee Pitt says

    OMG So glad there is someone else who doesnt finish their drinks. i have always left about a half inch in the bottom of my drinks too, since i was little, dont know why, but it mostly never feels right to drink it, like the liquids too old now or something, would rather make a fresh drink. Of course whenever I knock over my glass/cup (which lets face it, is quite often coz I’m such a clutz), my hubby just shakes his head as all my leftover drink goes everywhere, he cant understand why I cant just drink it! Oh and I also dont drink anything red or purpley colour. No cordial, no wine, no cranberry/blackcurrant, grosses me out #coloursnob

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Oh honey I feel you! Yes I agree, PAYLESS is a dream! Too bad their prices aren’t nearly as good as they used to be 10 years ago…

  3. AvatarJanice says

    The water thing is too funny! I’m the same way and my husband thinks I’m nuts! I also am picky about the flavor of water and when we were house shopping I taste tested the water at every single house! I was determined to not have to buy gallons upon gallons of water and haul it around anymore!

    Also, I love that you don’t do pregnancy so well. Not because you are miserable but because I always feel guilty for feeling so miserable! I have a neighbor who does it so well that it upsets me because I basically struggle doing the basics and she’s spring cleaning, gardening, mowing the lawn, and just in general showing off! lol

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      I hear you about the flavor. I really was happy about the PUR filter thing, so give that a try! As for pregnancy, yeah it’s rough. It’s interesting because people tell me how jealous they are and how they have such a hard time watching my pregnancies because I’m able to keep my weight gain to a reasonable amount. But I always have to tell them that it’s impossible to compare! What I lack in weight-gain I make up in severe sickness, chronic fatigue, horrific varicose veins, a hernia, and 6 dislocated ribs. So the grass is always greener! BUT…the miracle on the tail end is worth every second šŸ™‚

      • AvatarSamantha says

        Jordan, I would hAve never known!! In your posts (when you were prego) you were always smiling, beyond GLOWING, and had such a wonderful attitude! I wouldn’t of guessed you dealt with chronic fatigue, severe sickness, a hernia, varicose veins , and 6!! Dislocated ribs!!?? Giiirrrl, you are tough!!!! Xoxo

  4. AvatarAmy says

    Questions I would love to have answered by you:
    – Favorites: Movies, Books, TV Shows, etc
    – More about your daily routine (maybe an update to the post you did before)
    – What you’ve learned about yourself from marriage / becoming a mother
    – More Pregnancy / New Baby tips
    – The home tour you have promised us! šŸ™‚
    – How you organize any overstock of food in your home

    Love your blog!!!

  5. AvatarStephanie says

    I just love your posts! I would like to know if you don’t mind answering what religion you are? Just curious it’s no big deal. I believe Sundays are sacred also so I got curious about your faith.

  6. AvatarErin says

    I can finish my drinks, but I don’t finish my last bite of food. I have no idea why. Maybe I think if I don’t have that last bite of brownie my body won’t count the calories. ? I’ve always been happy with 5 kids but now that I have two married, one a Freshman in college and two high schoolers I’m wanting more. Or better yet…..give me grandkids!!

  7. AvatarSharon says

    That’s funny about you not finishing your drinks! Hahaha. So am I! My husband thinks I’m weird that way. Anyway, I just finished the first round of Budget Boot Camp. I can’t wait to go over it with my husband. I’ve made many changes and incorporated a lot of the ideas I have learned so far and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your tips and tricks with us. I am looking forward to be debt free by the the middle of next year or hopefully sooner. You are an inspiration! I am so glad to have found your blog. Still catching up to your youtube videos and Millenial mom videos.
    As a mother of two boys – 7 months and 4 years old, I am always interested in your post about parenting. In an effort to save money on childcare, I decided to home school my 4 year old boy but now I feel overwhelmed as to how I’m going to keep him busy all day and what to teach him as there are a ton of resources out there. I’m curious to know how you keep your kids busy all day and most importantly what is your go to resources for FHE ideas. I want to make it fun and something my family would look forward to. If you’ve already answered this question in your previous post I apologize. Perhaps you can steer me in the right direction. Thank you in advance! šŸ™‚

  8. AvatarKaylee says

    Everything you say about having kids, having them close, being pregnant, your ways of parenting (minus how fun you are with the singing and dancing), I totally relate to you. I too would love tons of kids but am getting to a point my body is struggling and I am so grumpy when I’m pregnant and I hate making my older kids have memories like that of me. I too am going to have multiples next. I have four five years and under right now and want at least eight. I keep hoping for that multiples pregnancy to just knock it out. Otherwise, adoption it is for me. You make me feel proud of my family and not so kicked down from the many rude comments. You are so articulate and can say so well how I feel about my family makeup, and it helps me day it better to others, so thanks. You’re just so… Wonderful! Really. I love hearing you talk about your life and say things so well. What a great gift to have to be able to articulate what you think and feel so well. Thanks for your example. I’m also doing budget boot camp right now. The way you think makes so much sense to me with every subject, so it is nice to see your ways of budgeting, as it is the first budgeting system that my mind doesn’t feel overwhelmed and like it won’t work for me. Basically…I love you. Ha! But really…

  9. AvatarMary says

    The 12 kids thing makes me laugh! And then when you said you’d like 11 boys and one girl, that’s just too funny! I am the only girl of 12 kids!! My mom didn’t necessarily plan it that way, but she and my dad loved having kids and pregnancy wasn’t super hard, so they never felt any need to prevent them. So, just to let you know that my mother lived your dream! šŸ˜‰

  10. AvatarCandice Gopaul says

    Stumbled upon your YouTube channel and blog this week. I’m already a huge fan. Love everything about you! You are the kind of person I would probably be besties with.
    I’m currently living and working in South Korea. My boyfriend and I are planning to get married next year and then move to the States (in about 2 years) so all your tips will come in handy during our planning and transition process.

  11. AvatarAshleigh Faires says

    As soon as I saw Cheaper by the Dozen I wanted 12 kids! I definitely won’t be able to have that many, but I sooo wish I could!! 12 is just a magical number šŸ™‚

  12. AvatarHelene says

    Are you Polynesian? I thought we’re the only ones with HUGE feet! LOL! I love you blog and just found you last Saturday when I was putting in budgeting on youtube.

  13. AvatarJessica Firdoch says

    How tall are you? Just curious because Iā€™m looking at your swimsuit recommendations and I am 5ā€™11 and often have a hard time finding swimsuits to fit.

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