A few random facts about a Frugality Blogger

Mondays are a weird blogging day for me. If I wasn't a one-man show (changing soon though, so exciting!) and if I had more hours in the day (not changing soon, boooooo…) I would be the type of blogger to write 201 posts in advance and have them neatly organized and scheduled to post for the next 5 years. But I'm not. And I don't. So here I am…each monday, with nothing pertinent lined up (hopefully changing soon too!).

I believe Sundays are sacred and don't work on Sundays, including blogging and even checking work emails (yes, it's tough). So I'm going to use those Mondays that don't have any scheduled posts to tell you a few things about…well…me! Feel free to email me with questions and I'll answer them on those days, otherwise I'll offer you up some random nuggets so we can get to know each other a little better (and hopefully not make you love me any less…haha!). Here goes!…

1. I refuse to drink the last 1/2 inch of a drink.

Consider me Bo from the movie Signs. I'm really picky about my water (as explained in part HERE). Even if I'm the only one to ever drink out of my drink, I still will RARELY EVER finish the whole thing. Water bottle, cup, glass, pitcher, or hose, I will always leave the last bit of drink in there. Why? Not sure, I'm just neurotic. But mostly because I know that's where all the foaties, back wash, and slobber hang out so I want no part of it.

2. I have huge feet.

I wear a solid 11 in women's (and have since I was basically 3 years old…or so it feels like to me…). If that's not bad enough, my feet are bricks. They are heavy, bulky, thick, and wide. Sexy, right? Interestingly enough, I have an easier time finding and fitting into high heels than I do flats, so that's part of the reason why you rarely ever see me without some form of heel on. The good news? If any store carries a 10 or 11, then they are almost always on sale because no one wants them.

3. I not-so-secretly want 12 kids.

Though I've been blessed with the ability to get pregnant pretty easily (so far *knock on wood*) being pregnant isn't the easiest or more pleasant thing in the world for me. If I didn't have to physically be pregnant 12 times, I would for sure want 12 kids. Blame it on the movie Cheaper by the Dozen (the Hilary Duff version, of course…). The loving chaos looks so warm and realistic and charming to me, I would love to have my own football team! And between you and me, I would be fine if it was 11 boys and Priya. #GirlsAreHard. Realistically, my body won't hold out through many more pregnancies…so I'm secretly hoping for quints the next time I get pregnant. šŸ˜‰

Anything you want to know? Leave a comment and ask, or email me. Happy Monday!