Oh, and thanks.
Why? For just being you.
But since you're asking me to be specific here, thanks for helping us come up with the best tagline ever.

We had 237 of you enter…and MOST of you entered at least 3 suggestions, a lot of you 10 or more! I stayed up late into the night laughing, amazed, entertained, and more than anything, straining from a massive headache trying to decide which one best describes us.
In case your wondering, US = you + me + this crazy mission we are on to make frugality approachable, fashionable, fun, and updated.

The good news? Our tagline rocks.
The bad news? I'm not going to share it with you yet, nor announce the winner yet because I don't want to give anything away. please don't kill me…
I'm not trying to be cruel or anything, I simply want to reveal it all at once with our new logo and color scheme (coming very soon!).
Moral of the story? Be. Excited. 

But I just had to give you all a big, virtual hug and tell you all I love and adore you and you guys are way too smart and clever for your own good and you should all go into to marketing because you are all geniuses. Ok I'm done.

Have a great week!