A day in the life: how I handle the kiddos and home without my husband from FunCheapOrFree.com

I promised you guys a Day in the Life post foreeeeeeeeeever ago. Believe it or not I filmed it, spent hours and hours and hours editing it…then never posted it. Why? Because I'm dumb. And busy. I filmed it in the summer and took so long editing it my schedule flipped a complete 180 once school started, making my summer schedule irrelevant at this point. But have no fear! I have an updated series of DITL videos coming up that gives you a taste of all aspects of our crazy life.

First up is a Day in the Life on a Saturday when Bubba is out of the town. I have 4 kids, a blog event, a neighbor BBQ, naps, a love-note-drop for my son, dinner at a restaurant, and bedtime all by myself. And it just so happens to be a day where I'm insanely tired. Curious how I manage? Check it out below!

(Ps If you want I could technically still post the summer video anyway. It was a much more thorough video and had a lot of good info. So let me know if you care or not whether the schedule is outdated and I'll see what I can do!)

Watch the video online or watch below:

Do you have any specific questions about my day? Leave them below in a comment and I'll try to cover them in the next video!

Coming up will be a day in the life with school, carpool, dinnertime with Bubba, and everything in-between. Until then!