Budget Beauty Products for Dry Skin

Well, it’s crunch time again; Frugality Boot Camp is only days away so I've enlisted the help of my girls over at Fry Sauce & Grits to help me keep my sanity! Seeing as how it's Focus on Finances month, I've asked them to share some beauty products that you most likely won't have to buy at a store! Take it away, girls!

Hi! Courtney here from Fry Sauce and Grits. I'm a strong believer that whatever budget you're on, you can look and feel beautiful.   Living in the high desert of Utah, it gets EXTREMELY dry during the winter and is brutal to my skin.  The following affordable, at-home products I've been using for years now and are pretty much the only thing keeping me from looking like this all winter:African Elephant

The best part is that many of them you probably have lying around at home! I introduce my star lineup:

Budget Beauty Products for Dry Skin

1. & 2. HAIR: Honey and and Olive Oil – $10

Every fall my scalp goes through this period where it gets SUPER dry and flaky…even shows up on my clothes. Yuck! I've used everything, including expensive scalp treatment shampoos, nothing helped. I finally found this olive oil and honey hair mask is the only thing that has worked for me! During the winter months I'll apply the mask about once and week and that completely nips the problem in the bud.

Hair Mask Treatment Recipe

3. LIPS: Humidifier – $10 to $79+

For the past couple months I've experienced extremely dry lips. I kind of feel like Napoleon from Napoleon Dynamite when he calls his brother Kip to bring him some chapstick, “Kip, my lips hurt real bad!”  I even went to the dermatologist and he prescribed me a bunch of creams, but nothing worked. Finally I found the secret…a humidifier! That morning when I woke up my lips weren't dry, flaky, and they didn't hurt!  I've been using it every night since.


4. ARMPITS: Certain Dri – $6

Do you always have wet spots underneath your armpits? Are all of your clothes stained from your sweat?  Do you feel super uncomfortable and embarrassed by it?  I know exactly how you feel!  Through a friend I found about about a product called Certain Dri. I ran to the nearest drugstore and am still using it 10 year later! Just make sure you don't apply it after you shave your armpits, or it will burn like crazy!  In a couple of days, you'll see a big difference. I now use this every couple days and to this day has eliminated my sweaty armpits.  Sure beats Botox injections in your armpits. EEK!


5. ZITS: Neosporin $4

When it comes to perfect and flawless skin, I haven't been blessed with this great trait.  I'm still waiting for when zits have an expiration date.  I've tried everything to treat acne; creams, antibiotics, birth control, expensive skincare, light treatments, and even injections.  I go through stages where I have great skin and not so great skin.  Right now I'm through a not so great skin stage.  I remember hearing how Neosporin could help spot treat acne.  I put on some Neosporin on a large zit before I went to bed and the next morning it had shrunk significantly!  I was so shocked!  Ever since I spot treat big zits and it has helped them decrease in size.  From the research I did it's not good to use Neosporin for long term use and for treating large areas of skin.  It's best to use it for when you have a big zit here and there. It also moisturizes the skin around the zit so it doesn't dry and flaky when you cover them with makeup.


6. SKIN: Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream $11

This is my FAVORITE product to use to moisturize my skin during the winter!  It's a little heavy to use in the summer, but it is the creme de la creme of moisturizers for very dry skin in winter!  Not to mention  it's scentless.  I slather this especially on my heels and elbows.  It's the only lotion that lasts a long time and keeps my body moisturized the entire day.

I've learned over this year that living with less can make you happier.  This lesson wasn't learned over night, but when you're forced with drastic changes in your life, you tend to hold dear to what you have, like family, friends, and the small and simple things.

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Thanks for sharing, Courtney! Can't wait to try the hair treatment…