5 super easy ways to save $500 THIS WEEK! Anyone can do this! From FunCheapOrFree.com

Hi Freebs! Today I wanted to pop in and give you some ideas for how to save (or earn!) some MAJOR-QUICK cashola this week! But first…warning…a little back-story. (Grab a snack, this may take a minute.)

If you haven't noticed, I've dabbled in a variety of blog topics over the last year or so. Traditionally, I've been known all over the globe for my budgeting and finance advice. That is still a HUGE part of me, always will be. It's a way of living, not a diet, so frugal living will continue to seep from every inch of my life until the day I'm buried in my clearance coffin (…that I hope is rose gold and sparkly, if anyone cares.)

The budgeting and finance principles I have created over the years worked for us, and have worked for hundreds of thousands of families all over the globe. I built BudgetBootCamp.com to be a constant resource for anyone who wants some serious (fun) hand-holding when it comes to figuring out your budgets/finances, and this FREE blog has years and years of frugal, budgeting, and financial advice (and I will continue to post frugal and financial advice for as long as this blog stands!).


As Bubba and I have gotten out of debt, put more than 1 year's income in the bank, and have reached all of our financial goals, finances aren't as much of a pain point for us. Sure, it takes constant maintenance, big decisions, and new challenges. But the systems we have set up WORK, so it's not painful like it was years ago.

Now, my pain points and new paths to blaze revolve around motherhood, efficiency and productivity, beauty, parenting, homeownership, and marriage. Those are areas of my life where I'm not a “pro”, and I'm constantly looking for ways to improve.

This is why you've been seeing (and will continue to see) a variety of lifestyle posts and videos pop up on my blog and YouTube channel as well. I hope that's ok! I know blogging has turned into a big thing (which is why “I quit”), but for me, it's a way to share me, my opinions, and my life experiences. Thus, you're getting a taste of everything, not just the finances and budgeting.

But don't worry, my money and frugality tips will never die! I'll never stop posting about the ways my family lives frugally and saves a dime. It's who I am, for Heaven's sake!

To prove it…

I thought I'd post some quick and easy ways to bring home some serious dinero, THIS WEEK! That's right, no pre-planning, no fuss, little effort.

Enough blabbing, let's get to the tips!

Imagine what you could do with $100 extra dollars per week (or more!). For those who have debt, that $100 would make a massive dent over time! Or for those wanting to go to Disneyland, or buy a bedroom set, or save up for a house. Whatever it is, that extra $100 per week is what will make or break your ability to achieve your dreams. Here are some quick and easy ways to bring in AT LEAST $100 right away…

How to save (or earn) at least $100 THIS WEEK!

Tip #1…

1 – Cancel your subscriptions.

5 super easy ways to save $500 THIS WEEK! Anyone can do this! From FunCheapOrFree.com

Aaaaah subscriptions. So easy. So exciting. So convenient. They are so common, and so…shall I say…unnecessary? (boooo! hisssss!) Oh but really. Of all the subscriptions you have subscribed to, how many of them do you actually need? Not which ones you totallyloveawesomecantlivewithout. But physically couldn't function in your day without?


Yeah, that's what I thought.

They are convenient, fun, and exciting, but I have yet to find a subscription that would hinder someone's ability to function without it. Here's a list of popular subscriptions that you may have in your home:

  • iTunes music $10/mo
  • BirchBox $10/mo
  • Blue Apron $59.94 – $69.94/week
  • Netflix $7.99 – $11.99/mo
  • Amazon Prime $10.99/mo ($99/year)
  • Pandora $4.99/mo
  • Cable TV $100+/mo
  • Ipsy beauty box $10/mo
  • FabFitFun $49.99

No, I'm not even going to link to any of them because the point is to AVOID signing up for subscriptions. Nice try though.

“But, Jordan! It's only $4.99/mo! Or $9.99/mo! That's not a big deal!”

Totally! You're right! At face value, $4.99 or $9.99 isn't much at all. But let me change your perspective a bit.

When you scroll Facebook or Instagram, and you notice people's nice kitchens, or trip to Disneyland, or new purse, or landscaped yard, or boutique custom planner, or date night, or new puppy, or whatever it is…

Do you find yourself getting frustrated that you don't have or do those things because “you can't afford that”?

I am here today to promise that you can. You CAN afford it. You can afford whatever the heck you put your mind to. But most likely, it's the $5, $10, $20 purchases that are keeping you from the new car, or Disneyland.

So no, that $4.99 might not break the bank. But those $4.99's ultimately end up being a giant distraction that keeps you from living the life of your dreams.

(…aaaaaand end Dr. Phil moment.)

2 – Have your kids pack a lunch.

Notice I said have your kids pack a lunch. My son has been packing his own lunch since he was 6 years old. At school, my kids' lunch costs $2.50 per day. I have 5 kids. Let's do this math, shall we? 5 kids…x $2.50…x 5 days per week…$62.50 PER WEEK! That is $3,250 per year, or an awesome tropical trip. That is not chump change, that is GIANT savings!

Sure, groceries cost money. But when you space out the cost of groceries it's pennies to the dollar compared to buying lunch at school (if you shop properly!). Buy bulk, stock up when on sale, and make things yourself instead of buying pre-packaged.

Again, have your kids help, or do it all themselves! I have lots of school lunch ideas in this post that might help

Kids school lunch ideas!

3 – Stay home

Raise your hand if you've gone into Target for “just one thing”…and walked away with a trunk of bags that you somehow need to hide from your husband.


Before I had kids I would run at least one errand every day. A quick trip to the grocery store, return something to Tj Maxx, a picture frame from Ikea, run into the post office. Big or small, an errand will most likely turn into an opportunity to spend money that you didn't expect to spend. Without fail, every time I'd run to TJ Maxx to “return something real quick”, I'd pick up 3 more impulse buys on my way to the register.

The remedy? Stay home!

If you MUST run errands, choose one day per week and run all your errands in one day. You will be more pressed for time, and will have less time to dawdle and shop. If you have one quick errand, enlist the help of your husband on his way home from work. If you need to buy one quick thing, consider buying it online (using Ebates for cash back!). Even if the item costs you a few dollars more, you will almost always save money in the long run by avoiding other tempting items.

4 – Cook dinner.

5 super easy ways to save $500 THIS WEEK! Anyone can do this! From FunCheapOrFree.com

I don't even like to cook, and I'm certainly not good at it. But I make it a point to cook for my family during the week, even during soccer season when most of our meals are on a field somewhere. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE eating out. LOVE it. Anything I don't have to prepare myself tastes 100x better! But saving the eating out for date nights and special occasions will save your family thousands. I don't say that lightly, either.

The national average in 2016 was $36 per person when eating out. Including tips and drinks, I'd say that is pretty right on for Bubba and I, and closer to $10 for our kids. (A little less when eating fast-casual.) The national average for eating out was 4.5x per week…and that doesn't even count breakfast!

I, personally, don't even feel that would include lunch. When you add in drive-throughs, a quick burger, business lunches, quick pizza, lunch date with mom friends…it could add up to much more. But still, let's work with the average in this case.

Let's do some math…

Let's say you eat out:

  • 2x for lunch, at $15 each time = $30
  • 3x for dinner, at $30 per person (ie for 2 people, no kids) = $180
  • Let's toss in 2 gas station drink or coffee runs, $3 each time = $6

That is $216 per week…$11,232 per year. ELEVEN THOOOOUSAND per year! That's a new car! That's a down payment on a home! That's college money! That's a…I can't even begin to describe what you could do with $11K dollars.

Eat out. Go ahead. I love it too, remember? But might I recommend making lunch and dinner at home during the week, and save eating out to just 2x over the course of a week? Imagine what that would do to your wallet. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather get a new car or killer vacation than Chick Fil A.

Check out ShelfCooking.com

Have you checked out ShelfCooking.com yet? Our brand new site is dedicated to helping you cook delicious, nutritious and budget-friendly meals for your family without slaving away in the kitchen! Basically every parent's dream, right? Join our Shelf Cooking Community today!

5 – Declutter!

Yes, we've all got the spring cleaning itch about now. But did you know your clutter could make you money?? Dramatic gasp.

Chances are, you've most likely got hundreds of dollars of STUFF lying around your house! I bet if you were to take 30 minutes and go room to room gathering things you no longer need (clothes, furniture, knick-knacks, sports equipment, electronics, baby items, etc.) and sell them, you'd make AT LEAST $100.

Bubba found an old TI-83 calculator from HIGH SCHOOL and sold it online for $50. It's that easy!! See my “How to sell your STUFF” post for all my best tips and tricks.

Here are a few quick ways to sell things:

  • Online classifieds like Craigslist or KSL.com (for Utah and surrounding states)
  • Facebook yard sales (search “facebook yard sale ___” with your city name on Facebook!)
  • Consignment stores (furniture, decor, Play it Again Sports for athletic stuff, Kid To Kid for kids clothes toys and items, Platos Closet for clothes, to name a few, just google it!)
  • Yard sale (See my “how to throw a successful yard sale” post!)
  • “For Sale” apps

Out with the old, in with the cash, folks!


I just thought of a 6th tip but I'm too lazy to change the graphic that says “five ways”…so here's a bonus, unnumbered tip. #LazyBloggerProblems.

Do a spending freeze!

In 7 short days you could save upwards of $500 or MORE! It's so easy, and really not as painful as you'd think. I PROMISE.

This video explains it in great detail, as well as this post.


So there you go!

With a little creativity you could take those wasted dollars and use them to help you build the life of your dreams. Because yes, it really is that simple.

Thanks for reading! Have a great week, Freebs.