As many of you know, I was on vacation recently. While I love vacation, it stinks to come home to piles of laundry, an inbox busting with emails, and this…
 …the world's emptiest fridge.
“Who wants margarine for dinner?! Or would you rather have dijon mustard?”

I ran sprinted to the grocery store and price-matched a great load of stuff. So, of course, I had to show you pics of my loot this week to (hopefully) motivate you all and remind you that you should NEVER have to pay full-price for your groceries!

As we are all back to school, back from vacation, and just plain back to the grind of a functional  routine, we are all most likely focusing on cooking more. As you do, please remember that there are 5 simple things that will save your family literally thousands this year:

  1. Only grocery shop 1x per week…no matter what. Need milk? Tough. Wait 6 days. Or borrow from a neighbor. Or, send someone you trust. If I send my hubby, he will ONLY get milk and nothing else. If I go, I will walk out with $50 in stuff I all of the sudden “needed”. No Bueno. (P.S…See how I track my simple budget HERE, and see how much you should be paying for groceries HERE.)
  2. Plan your grocery list around the best deals that week and avoid full-priced items. You can look at ads, or I use Deals to Meals because they find the best deals for me. Then, stock up on those sale items, and plan your meals around them! Duh! I take the list of the best prices that week and price-match everything at Walmart so I only have to go to one store (examples HERE, how I do it HERE)
  3. Plan your meals at LEAST 1 week in advance. Make your meals from scratch (no store-made meals, please!!), but be sure to plan some “eating out” days (ours is usually Friday and/or Saturday nights). Don't forget about our free meal-planning printables HERE.
  4. Cook with what you have rather than buying what you want or need. Don't have the ingredients you need for a recipe you want to make? Don't make it! Again, cook around what you have, and only buy what's on sale. I like because you can search recipes by ingredient.
  5. Dont. Waste. Anything. Find a way to use it. Fruit? Bread? Veggies? Leftovers? Halloween pumpkins? (no joke) Use them, or freeze them to use later. (Once again, is a life saver.)
See a full run-down on how I save about 1/2 on my groceries each week without clipping coupons HERE.

Now, for many of you I may sound like a broken wheel. “Jordan, we've heard you say all those things a MILLION times before!” But here's my question for you…

Of the 5 things, how many do you actually do regularly?
See my point?
Repetition is the best way to learn, friends!

Now…for those of you who DO coupon or who like to occasionally coupon, I can't leave you out! You guys really do have the best of both worlds, because you can use your coupons AND price-match. For you guys, I recommend a coupon clipping service. It really is a win-win because it allows you to use the benefits of coupons, without making it a full-time job! 🙂 Check it out, it's really a cool concept.

“Ooh, mom, can we eat all this now?”
 You will notice that if I find a good deal on something, I almost never buy only one of that item. I buy several and use them up before they go bad (by planning my meals around the items), or I freeze the extras and use them for later. 


Everything in the picture above AND the picture below (except the crackers and watermelon) can be frozen! (yes, even the potatoes can be frozen. Hashbrowns? Tater tots? French fries? Those are frozen potatoes, folks.)

As you can see by my haul, for under $100 I have enough groceries to last us several weeks. Oh yeah, and everything you see is healthy too. Weird that this is getting increasingly more awesome…

So there you go! Once again, PROOF that eating well and saving thousands doesn't have to be hard. Or taste gross.
You're welcome, world.