5-minute updo hair tutorial...no curling required. SO EASY! From FunCheapOrFree.com

Recently I was invited to a red carpet blogger event at Toscana, a gorgeous restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City. It was SO FUN to be able to feel fancy, get a mini ride in a limo (and feel like I was on The Bachelor), eat good food, make new friends, and get all dolled up! I pulled off the world's easiest and most elegant updo. It only took me 5 minutes, no curling was required, and it can be done with dirty or clean hair. (I know, you kind of want to marry it, right??) It's true! Let me show you (after some background, of course…)

Using the night as an excuse to go all-out, I decided to do my hair in an updo. Seeing as how I haven't done such since I was, oh, 16 and going to prom, I planned to go to a nearby beauty school and have them do one for $10 or $15. BUT…seeing as how I'm playing single mom right now, I just couldn't get a sitter to my house early enough to make the professional updo happen. Thus…

Enter…PLAN B!

As it always happens, I was running out of time, and I hadn't planned ahead AT ALL with what to do with my hair. The mom-Gods shown down upon me and sprinkled some miracle in my brain to help me come up with this SUPER EASY LOOK…that I pulled off, with ease, in about 5 minutes!

updo - red carpet

Here's how I did it:

(PS, sorry the pics were taken with my phone. That's just how I roll.)

I started with normal air-dried hair – it had no product in it, and hadn't been curled or straightened. Actually, that's a lie – I straightened the front of my hair so it would lay smoothly and look smooth around my face. But if your hair is curly or unruly, straightening it would help all the way around.

Step 1: Tease your hair at the crown of your head.

Step 1: Tease the hair on the crown of your head.

Step 1: Tease the hair on the crown of your head.

P.S…yes, I'm 20 weeks pregnant in these pictures so no, that's not a food gut. Yet… (the end of the night? Yes.)

Tips for success:

  • I took a small section of hair starting right on the top/back crown of my head, sprayed the underside with good ol' Aqua Net hair spray at the root of the hair, then used a fine-toothed comb to back-comb the heck out of it. Once teased, I grabbed the next section under it. I repeated all along the crown of my head.
  • I smoothed out the very top of my hair to hide all the teasing underneath. Don't comb out the teasing (that defeats the purpose), but make sure the topmost layer is smooth so you don't see the rat's nest underneath.
  • Tease it much bigger than you think, because once it's all smoothed out it ends up looking semi-normal.

Step 2: Pull back the sides of your hair and secure with bobby pins.

simple updo

Step 2: pull back the sides

Tips for success:

  • I grabbed only the front sides of my hair, trying to be careful not to flatten the pouf that I created in step 1.
  • Pin nice and low, UNDER the pouf. You want it nice and full in the back.
  • Criss-cross your bobby pins, making the shape of an X – it helps them stay better.
  • Put the bumpy side of the bobby pin down towards your scalp. They stay in your hair better.
  • I used lots of bobby pin X's to make sure that baby wasn't going anywhere.

Step 3: “Lasagna Roll” your hair


Step 3: Roll your hair up and secure with lots of pins.

I wasn't able to take pictures of the process, since I needed both hands. But here's how I did it:

Tips for success:

  • Make sure the hair hanging down is smooth (brush if needed).
  • Gather the ends of your hair together and hold them with your pointer and middle fingers (like they do when trimming the ends of your hair during a hair cut).
  • Roll your hair up toward the pouf in one big roll, imagining it's being wrapped around a large sponge curler. Or picture rolling up a lasagna noodle if that helps!
  • Make your roll as tight or loose as you'd like. I wanted mine large and elegant so I made it a large, loopy roll.
  • Secure the roll like crazy with bobby pins, focusing on the top of the roll – not the part that is down by your neck.
  • Hairspray the heck out of everything when done! (…but don't make the front of your hair crunchy. I like the look of loose whipies framing your face.)

And that's it!

Since I was in a hurry and it was my first time doing it, my bobby pin job was pretty sloppy. To cover up all the pins I grabbed some jewelry (I didn't have a barrette or anything pretty) and pinned it to the top of my “roll” to hide the bobby pins, and give it a more elegant look.


I couldn't find the 2nd dangly earring so I put the two rings in. It would have looked much better with just the earrings, but again, I was in a rush and did what I could with what I had.


P.S…I ended up moving that ring that was out of place, but forgot to take a pic. So just try not to let it bug you as much as it's bugging me.


Was it perfect? No. But I think that was part of the charm. It stayed firm and held like a champion all night long. I got tons of compliments and people couldn't believe how easy it was when I told them how I did it.

I forgot to take pictures of my makeup before-hand, so here's a shot from the end of the night:


I used my Everyday Makeup Routine but used purple in the crease and outer corners of my eye instead of subtle browns. And of course, I applied false eyelashes in about 30 seconds (see how HERE).

I was red carpet ready in 30 minutes, tops.

Red carpet

And since you're probably curious, here's a breakdown of my outfit:


I'm a one trick pony with my dress. It's the only fancy dress I own, and I wear it to EVERYTHING. Mostly because it makes me feel like a princess and I love it to pieces. I got it from Last Chance in Arizona. It was love at first sight. I bought it off the rack without even being able to try it on. I had a $50 gift card to Nordstrom that I was able to use there, and the dress cost…wait for it…exactly $50. It was fate, I'm telling you. I love it soooo much. It was probably a $300+ dress, so I can't help you much on where to find it for a good deal…sorry guys!


These are also some fav's of mine. They are from my girl, Ivanka Trump. What, you don't remember that we're besties on social media?? I got them on clearance for $20-something (a total steal, as explained HERE) and LOVE THEM. They are super comfortable and match everything. They are black lace with a little sparkle, and they rock. Lucky for you I Found them on Amazon for only $25 which is still a great deal for such quality shoes.


The clutch isn't really a clutch at all. It's a free Victoria's Secret makeup bag thingie that my MIL got for free when she bought some perfume, and gave it to me. If you look closely you can see “Victoria's Secret” embroidered on the top.


Again, it was so fun to get dolled up. I think everyone should have an excuse to get GLAMMED UP once in a while! Here's a quick recap of my celebrity status night:

Waiting for the limo at the BLUE carpet with some new and old friends (there were about 50 bloggers that night I believe):

red carpet

Pretending to be on The Bachelor while taking a joy ride to the restaurant:

limo ride

Arriving, and greeting the paparazzi with a cool, calm demeanor (jk…)

Red carpet

Getting pictures taken on the red carpet:

Red carpet

Red carpet

Eating some fabulous food…and exhibiting all forms of self control to keep me from licking my ravioli plate.

good food

Listening to some presentations. Notice anything funny about this picture?

blog event

Rule #1 of throwing a blog event: You must not be offended if not a single person is looking at you while you present. Take it as a compliment that they are tagging and tweeting about you instead.

And I made friends (and made better friends) with some amazing ladies.

blog event

It was a super fun night. So fun, in fact, that I MIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHTTTTT just have something up my sleeves for all of you too. Stay tuned to find out soon πŸ˜‰

Try the updo and let me know how it works for you!