First of all, don't worry, I'm ALIVE! I'm sorry for the serious absence over here! I spilled water on my computer last week, completely fried it, had to get a “new” (refurbished) one, Bubba was out of town and had our only other computer, so I'm just barely getting back in the game…which is why you haven't heard from me in an ENTIRE WEEK!

…But not that you care.

You are all here for our big Halloween announcement, I assume? Well let's get on with it then…

5 little pumpkin coming this May!

That's right, you guessed it…

Our 5th little pumpkin is coming this May!

That's right folks, I'm prego with baby #5. Now, to answer all the burning questions I'm sure you have…

Was this planned?

Yes, believe it or not! I LOVE having our kids so close together. And heck, we've gone this far, let's just keep going.

How close in age are your kids?

They range between 18-21 months apart, so just over 1.5 years. So yes, that will be 5 kids in 6 years.

Are you crazy?

You better believe it!

Have you been sick?

SO sick. And tiiiiired. It's been REALLY hard not to mention anything, especially on Periscope! It's almost slipped several times. But we wanted to make sure to tell all our siblings and parents first, and some of them were on vacation. So if I seem lame-o lately, you now know why!

How far along are you?

I'm going to be honest…I don't really remember. I am always so nervous at that first appointment, I just hold my breath, hoping for a healthy heartbeat. Everything else goes in one ear and out the other! But I believe my due date is around May 10 which puts me at 11 weeks-ish. I'll verify at my next appointment when I'm paying better attention, I promise. 🙂

Do you want a boy or girl?

Since we are 2 and 2, this will be the tie-breaker child. I truly don't care what we have, as long as it's healthy. Girls are way more fun to shop for (clothes, Christmas, hair bows…) but boys are simpler (give them a snack and room to run and they are good! Girls are so emooootttiiiooonnnaaaallll……). I love them all so bring it on, whatever it is!

Do you have any names picked out already?

I've had a running list since high school, so I always have names running through my head. But we don't name our kiddos until they are born and we can meet them in person, so we will probably narrow it down to 3 names then decide once he/she is born. Nothing is standing out yet, we will wait until we know the gender to really start thinking. AKA we are VERY open to suggestions! (Boy names are SO hard! Or is it just me?…)

Is this your last child?

Not sure, honestly. We've never said a number. When we first got married Bubba said 4-6 and I thought that sounded fine, but committed to not every saying a solid number. I prefer to take it kid by kid. I told God I would have as many as He wants me to have, as close together as He wants me to have them (because having them this close was NOT the original plan), just so long as He lets me know in plenty of time when we are on our last one so I can savor every minute.

…and preferably keeps us all healthy.

What do your kids think?

They are excited! Beck (2 years) doesn't really know what's going on. He keeps lifting my shirt, asking to see the baby. But Hutch and Priya (4 and 5) are older and “get it” a little better. Hutch is super excited to have another baby brother (since that's what he's decided is the gender). Priya, naturally, wants a girl.

Will you continue blogging?

You bet! Hasn't slowed me down so far. Luckily I work smarter, not harder, and have learned to do a lot during nap time and bedtime. I have some exciting things coming up that will shake things up a bit, but don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.

Have you sold your house yet?

(Many of you keep asking.) No, still for sale. Which, now you know part of why we are moving! We are looking forward to (hopefully) getting into a home with a huge yard, perfect for raising a herd of Page's.

How many shots did you have to take to get this picture?

Almost 50. …and the one above is the best we got. #LifeWithKids.

We had 5 minutes before church and shoved everyone on the (freezing) front step. It was NOT easy! Here's an idea of how it went…






We are SO excited, and pray every day for a healthy baby. Thanks in advance for your love and support, we feel so blessed that God has given us the gift of these precious kiddos.