I'm busy throwing a baby shower today (more on that soon!) so I've enlisted the help of fitness/running guru and our new health and fitness contributor (yay!) Stacie from At Race Pace today. She's giving us 5 beginning workouts for the first-time runner. I'm not much of a runner, but she makes it sound so doable, I might just give it a try. Might. Maybe. I'll think about it. Either way, hope you enjoy – take it away, Stacie!

Thanks Jordan! To help us all focus on organization this month, what better way than to organize your workout routine!? Or simply start one for that matter! So, this post is for all of you who want to start a better lifestyle but are having a hard time deciding what to do. Hopefully, one of these ideas will be something that can apply to you. Start out small by doing these once or twice a week then eventually build up.  If you are needing additional tips on organizing your running form, or even HOW TO RUN be sure and check out our post here! Here's where to start when you're a first-time runner:

1) Walk/Jog 1 mile

While wearing a watch, use the ‘walk/jog' method to complete one mile. Every two minutes walk and every two minutes jog at a comfortable pace. Try this twice a week for three weeks. After that, either increase to two miles or jog for three minutes Then walk for one.

2) Power Up Your Day:

Make a conscious effort to increase the pace of your walking for 2 hours. Whether you are cleaning around the house, or walking through the office, try power walking for 2 hours to help boost your metabolism and increase your abilities. Note: this is not a constant power walk. At times you'll stop and pick up toys, do paperwork etc.  Just remember, when you are moving, you are power walking.

3) Walk or Run to a Reward

Whenever I am getting back into running I try to plan my routes around rewards. A reward for me would be running to my parents house. They usually give me a gatorade or powerbar when I get there, so I push through my pain to reach the reward.!My mom loves Diet Coke. When she goes biking, she always comes back and drinks her diet coke. Find a reward that works for you and get to it!

4) Environmental Walk/Run: 

As I was running up a hill last year I noticed a man walking down the hill picking up garbage as he went.  It happened to be garbage day so he slipped each piece into the nearest garbage can. After seeing his example I ran this same route every thursday and cleaned up the one mile stretch of road for one month. I felt like I was making a difference and getting a great workout with all the up and down movements I was doing.

5) Light post Run: 

Find a street or neighborhood with light posts. Light posts are usually 200 meters to 400 meters apart. Using a walk/jog or jog/sprint method, alternate between each post. So you would walk to a light post then when you get to it, you would jog to the next one, then walk again. Do this for 30 minutes. These types of workouts are excellent calorie burners! For additional workouts click here!

Get out there ladies, get moving, and start organizing your health!  Remember: No matter your stage, no matter your age, find your pace and run your race.

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Seriously, isn't she great? Thanks for the info and welcome to the family, Stacie!